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RS/6000 Technical Library

Support Line Q & A

January 1999 Howto make a backup of only vginfo without doing rootvg
January 1999 Tape Drive Available: Resource Temporarily Unavailable
January 1999 A set -x was left in the /usr/sbin/sbdefaults program
January 1999 The post-install script not being run during network install
January 1999 How to fast forward to the end of the data on a Sysback tape.
January 1999 Keeps prompting to remove network Settings
January 1999 Hanging on C31 when booting from a sysback tape
January 1999 Problem with sysback restore
January 1999 /Tcp/ip- Problems configuring tcpip.
January 1999 7208-20 gig drive Displays in wrong language
December 1998 Sysback Incremental restore emptied out a directory "filesystem"
December 1998 LIBRARY: Sysback ramfs HOWTO
December 1998 sbread backup date on rmt1 does not match previous volumes.
December 1998 Can't read a 20gig tape on a 20gig drive.
December 1998 Remote services has to be reset on sysback server
November 1998 The -n flag on the remakevg command is not working
November 1998[493]: test specify a parameter with this command
December 1998 Error restrieving data from stacked vgbackups
December 1998 How to loading micro-code with Genucode program
December 1998 Systape/smit shows directory /dev/rmt0 does not exist.
November 1998 cp: /usr/sbin/getrootfs.sbnet: No such file or directory
December 1998 Don't see disks in service mode with sysback when cloning
December 1998 Restoring rootvg from sysback and getting led C03.
October 1998 lslpp -h | sysback_Do_Not_Remove
October 1998 sysinstall[1966] test: argument expected
October 1998 Sysback install hangs on the message "Updating the Volume Group Inform
October 1998 Problems installing from a remote sysback backup file
October 1998 LIBRARY: sbread: media surface error
October 1998 /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/SDRGetObjects : 0025-035 : cannot convert system part
October 1998 0301-154 bosboot: missing proto file: /usr/ccs/lib/libnim.a.min
December 1998 Acif will not process formdef
September 1998 The file access permissions do not allow the specified action.
September 1998 Sysback/6000-unable to create network boot image.
September 1998 LIBRARY: 3490e can't read blocks over 32200 bytes
September 1998 SP: frequent mount requests for /home/loadl, why?
September 1998 43p-140 7043 device drivers for cloning
September 1998 LIBRARY: sp reinstall from sysback tape
September 1998 Low level system restore commands for sysback 4.
January 1999 Sysback Fix History 4.2.1
September 1998 drivers to network boot a 43p 7248-100
September 1998 multiple tape devices appear, only one drive exists.
September 1998 LIBRARY: F50 hangs at c31 on install
October 1998 LIBPATH is not being followed---works on earlier versions of AIX
August 1998 3001-092 The creation of file /etc/security/tcbck.LCK was not successf
August 1998 sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt2.1
September 1998 Cfgmgr is giving errors.
August 1998 SP: spmon gui, no options on top bar menu items
September 1998 LIBRARY: sysback recovery of sp nodes from CWS through network
August 1998 ADSM and 3494 Tape Library start and stop procedure
August 1998 Ethernet problems
September 1998 Backint performance problems
August 1998 paged out 8/11 - having probs with restoring the system image
August 1998 Having a problem w/ the sysback restore.
September 1998 sysback backup hungs on file /var/locks/cron.lck
November 1998 Can't restore files through SMIT with sysback
August 1998 SYSBACK: /tmp full or hang when editing vginfo
July 1998 VGs, LVs and FSs not showing up within smit
July 1998 Sysback overwriting / and / files
August 1998 SYSTAPE/Getting errors about the tape drive in the errorlog
August 1998 sysback:restoring from aix 4.2.1 server to 4.1.5 client
July 1998 4-H SCSI/2 RAID adapter, unsupported tape attachment was working
August 1998 AIX 4.2.1: ATM LANE IP/Netmask gone after reinstall
August 1998 7013-580: Hangs at LED 299 on system boot
July 1998 Error on SMUX interface - error code 4294967295
June 1998 mklvback thinks a filesystem is mounted when it is not
June 1998 Keeps prompting to remove network settings
July 1998 Recover Error on 3570 panel, can not access drive.
August 1998 WOCB: SYSTAPE:sysback, trying to setup sysback server
June 1998 HACMP: shared filesystems think they are in rootvg
June 1998 SNA sending SIGUSR1 to a process group
June 1998 Hacmp/ attempting to sync cluster getting a netmask error
June 1998 Setting up max_coalesce values.
June 1998 print screen option on 3153
August 1998 UPDATED: 7026-H50: system hangs on tape restore
October 1998 8-16 port concentrators not printers & terminals wrkng
June 1998 1820-037 error when trying to change print queues in smitty
May 1998 Getting Opmesg errors in errpt daily against ssa
June 1998 uux-not working:uucp remote command sending
May 1998 /usr/sbin/sysreconfig[22]: ttymsg not found
May 1998 exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program getlvminfo because of the followi
May 1998 LUM i4lmd not starting; port busy
May 1998 Hanging on led 610 when doing a sysback network boot
May 1998 sysback backup fails with 'Directory /dev/rmt0 does not exist!'
April 1998 Checking remote installation device vdev0.TOC ..
April 1998 Not retaining platform type
April 1998 sbdevice: illegal option -- w
April 1998 /usr/sbin/[377]: /tmp/mkinsttape_sb: not found
April 1998 Remote Backup Services has not been configured
May 1998 Use CAUTION with EXTSHM
April 1998 sbdevice: unable to open file, value too large to
April 1998 Do you with to rebuild the boot logical volume now
April 1998 smit not retaining all the information
April 1998 Issues with the non-prompt install
April 1998 mv: cannot rename /tmp/ to /tmp/7632toc:
April 1998 System Recovery Option hanging
April 1998 0516-794 mkvg: disk2 is not configured. Please configure
April 1998 Isses with no prompt install
April 1998 usr/sbin/remakevg[442]: get_version: not found.
April 1998 Q: licensing of CS/AIX V5?
April 1998 Issues with a no-prompt install on a different system
April 1998 mkjfsback error find: missing conjunction
April 1998 /usr/sbin [18]: 0403-057 Synatx error at line 83 is > not expected.
April 1998 cp: /usr/bin/showled: Read-only file system
April 1998 rm: /tmp/26942backupfiles: No such file or directory
April 1998 DATABUF value is not changing
April 1998 ==> not getting added in service mode
April 1998 Sysback permission problems at AIX 4.3
April 1998 Detail description of socket/ports used by sysback
April 1998 ksh: /usr/bin/ls: 0403-027 The parameter list is too long.
April 1998 Problems with using a "+" in a exclude list in sysback
April 1998 DCE: reconfigure from DCE/DFS cell, maintain users
April 1998 Issues with setting up remote service
April 1998 /etc/sysrestvg[193]: /mnt-: not found
April 1998 /usr/lpp/sysback/sysinstall[2214]: /usr/lib/methods/chgdisk not found
April 1998 **** Title Missing ****
April 1998 grep: 0652-033 Cannot open /usr/lpp/sysback/.settings.
March 1998 how to drop a user's HCON session
March 1998 DCE: Cannot start /opt/dcelocal/bin/dtsd
March 1998 customer trying to configure CHAP
March 1998 hacmp not working on 4.3
March 1998 telnetd; all network ports are in use.
February 1998 0516-1154 mkvg: invalid PVid// multiple hdisks with same pvid.
February 1998 HACMP Compatibility questions
February 1998 change use of multiple ssa disks: 1800 051 no disks of this type
March 1998 Bad lppsource / Failed install of node mknimres errors
February 1998 /usr/sbin/[23]: /etc/methods/ucfgdevice: 0403-006 Execute perm
February 1998 /usr/sbin/[23]: /etc/methods/ucfgdevice: 0403-006 Execute perm
February 1998 Installing 4_A scsi adapter card
February 1998 Questions about the allocation group size.
March 1998 5si wont pull from correct tray:use BOTH tray and paper size attribute
February 1998 /usr/sbin/mkdirback[324]: TOTALSIZE * 55 / 100: 0403-009 The specified
February 1998 Problems with the /usr/lpp/sysback/scripts/ script
February 1998 Which Versions of sysback will run on AIX
February 1998 sbclient command is hanging
January 1998 Invalid backup header on device /dev/rmt0.1!
January 1998 The mkdirback command is not backing up nfs mounted filesystems
January 1998 0516-418 Illegal data from standard input line 5
January 1998 restore: 0511-702 Cannot open or create usr/lib/libsysback.a:
January 1998 1800-109 There are currently no additional SMIT screen entries availab
January 1998 Not able to boot from a 10/100 meg bit ethernet
February 1998 Sysback Fix History -
January 1998 Warning Copies Times LPs does not match
January 1998 Invalid backup header on device /dev/rmt0.1
January 1998 HACMP: which interface the user is login in to.
January 1998 Can't move logical volumes from one volume group to another
January 1998 The remakevg command providing wrong values
January 1998 3570 --> All About It
December 1997 Why does LUM 4.0 put files in /tmp
December 1997 The sysback install is hanging when getting a list of PVs
December 1997 7337 --> All About It
December 1997 Hard takeover fails in a 3 nodes cluster. incorrect serial definitions
December 1997 Systape / 7208-341 Mammoth 20GB 8mm Drive
December 1997 sbread: No file list was included on backup
December 1997 dspmsg: Invalid argument index in message. May need more
December 1997 ODM error 5908 when adding a print queue
December 1997 How to get real memory from C program
December 1997 Having trouble with Comm Server starting Sybase sessions.
December 1997 The microcode download cannot be performed against a 7208 tape drive
November 1997 TCPCOM/ need help to config NIS
November 1997 Sysback is not providing a edit menu
November 1997 1800-051 There are no items of this type.
November 1997 Mapping option not working on full system backup
November 1997 Hanging on led 609 on a network boot
November 1997 Can't restore a logical volume to another name
November 1997 COMMO/She needs 7318 support.
November 1997 sna licensing question about "user" sessions
November 1997 How to create and restore from a chrp boot image
January 1998 WOCB | TCPCOM/slow network
November 1997 Starting Job Scheduler Tracker Agent.
November 1997 sysback / LED 613
November 1997 Production copy of sysback is expiring
November 1997 restore: 0511-702 Cannot open or create usr/lib/libsysback.a
November 1997 Please specify a file with the "VG." prefix.
November 1997 /usr/sbin/sysrestore[693]: test: 0403-004 Specify a parameter
November 1997 How to restore a parallel device in service mode
November 1997 Defunct child processes do not die
October 1997 Lineprinter font is different with HP 5Si
December 1997 Reading from tar archive made with large block size.
October 1997 Setup modem dial-in on 7318-S20 without P10 style tty
October 1997 /tmp/ocmd22336[10]: /oracle/BOX/sepdata2: not found.
January 1998 Cust doesn't agree to charges
October 1997 How to copy attributes of one print queue to another?
November 1997 Problem printing Bit-mapped PCL with PSM on 4317.
October 1997 Can't boot from one system and install from another
October 1997 Closing- Opened by mistake
October 1997 DCE: dce/dfs slow down, mess up after using low level debugger
October 1997 Too many header pages with multiple copy print
October 1997 sysback network boot hanging on led 609
October 1997 3004-310 THE TERMINAL HAS BEEN LOCKED
October 1997 DCE: config SCM, gives "cannot get bosserver status"
October 1997 curses program draws boxes with | + - instead of real box
January 1998 Dynatext failed for netview. browser_scrollwin has 0 width
September 1997 HCON 0789-514 odm fatal error when adding a user
September 1997 Sysback Fix History
September 1997 filesystem helper 0506-526 implementation specific error code = 112
September 1997 ERROR! An unknown fatal error has occurred.
September 1997 Usage: basename string [suffix]
September 1997 Power Backup not excluding all the data
September 1997 shop_make: Big File file systems must have fragsize == 4096.
September 1997 sysback network install hangs
September 1997 0301-154 bosboot: missing proto file: /usr/lib/libnim.a
September 1997 Incorrect HACMP menus after upgrading to HACMP 4.2.1.
September 1997 AIX PPP client dial out interactively instead of with pppdial
September 1997 TCPCOM | telnet failing
September 1997 Accidently install 4.2 JetDirect software on 4.1 machine
January 1998 LANG=C instead of LANG=EN_US causes problems with smit nv6000
September 1997 Unable to write to 3590 tape drive - no smc device
September 1997 Hyphens cannot be used as a node name in a cluster
September 1997 AP: getting wrong lp # when configuring printer on 7318
September 1997 cpio behaves oddly.
September 1997 sysback / Can't Restore 2nd VG Full System Backup Tape
September 1997 Another boot image being created waiting
September 1997 sysback network boot hanging on led 607
February 1998 F50 will not boot from CDROM
September 1997 Q and A on HAGEO
September 1997 PSM: Unable to specify duplex....0423-370
August 1997 dspmsg: Invalid argument index in message. May need more
August 1997 You may not specify an incremental level for a System or Power backup.
August 1997 4033 printer quit working after 3.2.4 -> 4.2.1 migration
September 1997 JetDirect queue does not work after 3.2.5 -> 4.1.4 migration
September 1997 DCE: cannot replicate fileset to new DFS server
August 1997 DCE: err msg 13 when bringing up infoexplorer, user HOME in DFS
August 1997 DCE: permission not valid for this acl, when adding client
August 1997 System Crashing when doing a network boot
August 1997 sbdevice: No such file or directory
August 1997 How to create a physical printer and dedicated to a logical printer.
September 1997 swap_adapter fails with error code 0514-062: device busy
August 1997 offline 01D2 - move error
August 1997 However there was an error on one or more logical volumes or filesyste
August 1997 sbdevice: Tape control error on /dev/rmt1
August 1997 getoptions[75]: bootinfo: cannot execute
August 1997 Sysback Fix History 4.1.2
August 1997 1800-109 in change/show characteristics of a print queue
August 1997 can ping, can telnet but cannot print to HP
August 1997 Could not load program sbdevice
July 1997 Useage: sysrestore {-f DeviceName}{-tD|F|L|R|V|B}[-nyFHLTV][-v|x]
July 1997 0301-102 mkboot: The IOCTL call failed with a return code of -1
July 1997 Error unmounting logical volume hd4L .. trying again ..
July 1997 DCE: syslog entries from secd filling log
February 1998 System unavailable error when testing Service Director
July 1997 Hanging on led C06 when doing a tape boot
July 1997 Using command line to set up HP jet direct virtual printer
July 1997 sysback cleared out / filesystem
July 1997 HP JetDirect queues fail after 3.2.5 to 4.1.5 migration
July 1997 Needs to restore /usr/bin using sysback
July 1997 Cannot print postscript and pcl to one queue at 4.1.5
February 1998 Service Director return code 5 (rc=5)
July 1997 sysrestore command is removing files
July 1997 Unable to read volume label from device /dev/rmt0.1
July 1997 sbwrite: Cannot open file 0
July 1997 DCE: changing password policy, can't add client
February 1998 System attached to UPS randomly shuts down.
July 1997 Cannot get a F50 to boot from a sysback tape
July 1997 Using pax to restore files to different location than source dir.
July 1997 sbwrite: Invalid argument
July 1997 HCON error 0789-443 ODM database has been corrupted
July 1997 HACMP/ Customer need to remove hacmp from his system.
August 1997 Sysback Fix History -
July 1997 3.2.5 to 4.2.. migration and only prob not recognize oracle...
June 1997 sysback dd: 0511-041: process killed by signal 13
June 1997 backup is not restoring hard links correctly
June 1997 Network boot leds 511 622 then blank
July 1997 /usr/sbin/mkvg[308]: chdev: not found
June 1997 SYSTAPE/7331 & 3590 Functionality Descriptions
June 1997 Why some file system info is not displayed under SMIT menu
July 1997 Sourcing .profile w/ every shell
June 1997 Getting errors in smit using sysback
June 1997 Library: Problem with anomalies report from HACMP cookbook.
June 1997 Changing the /usr/lpp/sysback/netinst/boot/rc.boot script
August 1997 Boot up problems on 7043-140 after adding memory.
June 1997 usr/sbin/cfgremsvs[38]: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 49
June 1997 /usr/sbin/[166]: syntax error at line 557 : `'' unmatched
June 1997 Copying an LV over a network
July 1997 Cannot get a F50 to boot from a sysback boot image
June 1997 Warning The bos install and system utilities must be installed to
August 1997 cfgmgr does not configure more than 8 LUNs on OEM RAID
June 1997 snmp trap is sent with reporting address
June 1997 What is the -m option on mkvg?
August 1997 Adjusting the DMA bus memory length for the SSA adapter
May 1997 hacmp: How do you increase the time for "In config too long"
May 1997 Issues with the sysback -Bf /dev/rmt0 command
May 1997 Why is a nearly empty file system 26% full?
May 1997 0782-059 error when adding a print queue
May 1997 Kernel type "mp" is invalid or support for this kernel is not installe
May 1997 0516-038 lcreatelv error when missing CuDvDr entries
May 1997 Can't print to one Lexmark Marknet XLE 202 across router
May 1997 lscfginfo[14]: tot_disk_avail +size-1: 0403-009 the specified number
May 1997 media surface error reading cpio archive using pax.
June 1997 syseditvginfo: expr test argument expected.
May 1997 getlvminfo: illegal option -- -
May 1997 Don't use keyboard input with the sbom_backup command
May 1997 Can't run remakevg from command line
May 1997 /usr/lpp/bosinst/bi_main[198]: test: argument expected
May 1997 0516-030 lextendlv error trying to create a striped LV
May 1997 0516-304 mkvg: unable to find device id in device configuration databa
May 1997 0516-304 mkvg: unable to find device id in device configuration databa
December 1998 Test,test and test
December 1998 y2k status of Atape and atldd drivers
November 1998 Console Mirroring
July 1998 sysrestore[798]: 52144 26198 syntax error
August 1998 AIX 4.1.5: ATM LANE IP/Netmask gone after reinstall
September 1998 LIBRARY: Sysback restore performance on SP switch.
October 1998 AIX System Monitor v2.3 core dumps
February 1998 RISCOHW: Questions on 43P and F40
March 1998 loading 3151 Function keys: How to set them up.
December 1997 DFS: access to JFS (HSM) exported into DFS
November 1997 Questions on the new 422 RANs
October 1997 How to extend printer timeout period beyond value allowed by SMIT
August 1997 Maximum number of filesystems on AIX 4.1.5
June 1997 rpc.mountd won't stay active
August 1997 3.2.5 support of 59H to 595 hardware upgrade
June 1997 SCSI-2 F/W DIFFERENTIAL PTFs for 3.2.5
May 1997 Configuring the 7331 for Legato
August 1997 vmstat output on SMP - 1 in 'b' column with 0 in 'wa' column
March 1997 Upgraded HA level from 4.1.1 to 4.2. xclstat does not work now.
March 1997 SNA/Questions re: upgrading system and SNA server to 4.2
February 1997 lp 150-200 files in a job, brings queue DOWN
May 1997 kerberos ticket that will never expire for a non-root user
June 1997 New 7043-140 does not recognize the GXT110P graphics adapter.
November 1998 DATAB/db2start hangs.
March 1997 cmds / security on box
April 1997 How to format a hard disk on a Thinkpad 850
February 1997 Downloading microcode to SSA disk fails.
February 1997 remote tar archive
February 1997 LIB/mksysb; abnormal termination @ 3.2.5
April 1997 How do I get a permanent nodelock license key for SNA?
February 1997 Kern:VMstat fails with error message:vmstat:knlist failed.
February 1997 Can't set baud rate higher than 19200 on HP LaserJet III after upgrade
February 1997 OLSS(Downloading fonts charcter set to 4039+ printer in AIX
February 1997 sysback menus in smitty for fullsystem backup are wrong
February 1997 Connecting IBM 3153 to two machines and hotkey between sessions
February 1997 LXPERF:percent used on paging space keeps going up.
February 1997 RISCPRT: Escape sequence to print barcode on IBM printers
February 1997 Unable to active paging space - error states that it is busy
January 1997 Sending console output to multiple devices
February 1997 How to eliminate duplicate symbols from the Rogue Wave C++ libraries
January 1997 Hylafax getty causes respawning too rapidly errors on tty
January 1997 Print queue backend shell script for terminal attached printing
January 1997 LVM: 0516-028 internal map file errors
February 1997 SYSTAPUnable to see servers tape drive from client system using sysb
January 1997 Order number for X station manager software on AIX 3.2.5
February 1997 ** LIBRARY ** HACMP: Token ring LANStreamer Problems
February 1997 PPP demand interfaces for static IP addresses on AIX 4.2
January 1997 Problems with the 3494 tape library
February 1997 Is there driver available for HPDeskJet 1600CM? No but!
January 1997 Cannot vary on volume groups when starting system
December 1996 It appears that sysback is not backing up all the files
January 1997 Telnet from 6000 to OS2 box resetting terminal
December 1996 printing large job 0781-086 termination code=15
April 1997 Questions regarding 7133 configuration
December 1996 0516-074 lreducelv logical partitions being synchronized
April 1997 firewall sendmail configuration
December 1996 unable to umount /mnt/usr device busy
November 1996 nls vector file error with enscript command
November 1996 Network boot hanging on led 610
November 1996 RISCWT: network printer
February 1997 Setup Server: 0042-023 nim (1) in not a valid cable type
November 1996 How to print the contents on an X-window including graphics ?
November 1996 How to verify a sysback diskette
December 1996 Console on 43P displays the wrong size after restoring a mksysb.
November 1996 Using"extend" filter in virtual printer
November 1996 Hayes Accura modems disonnect when line is idle for 4 minutes
November 1996 CMVC: cannot connect to database after Oracle 7.3 upgrade.
November 1996 can't start application - system thinks it is still active
November 1996 1800-109 error when trying to display a print queue
November 1996 Controlling behavior of tty read operations with termios ioctl
January 1997 q: boot install a node - questions
November 1996 Audit - follow-up: disable TCPIP connection from a host
March 1997 Need DLOGMOD for LU0
November 1996 Calling dial-up users back using the ct program
October 1996 RISCO: What is the kproc gil?
October 1998 console output for CPC is scrolling.
November 1996 Reading install options on sysback/ Must reboot server
November 1996 Link Verification shows pdisks as 'good' and 'reserved'
October 1996 Restore 0511-138 Can't Write To File
October 1996 /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles1 not found
October 1996 SP install
December 1996 having a problem with sysback/getting error from sbfwd
December 1996 Problem creating DB2 Instanace
October 1996 ssa boot hung on led554 after sysback install
October 1996 postscript job from Win95 doesn't print, local works
October 1996 Trying to install MarkNet printer - error 1800-106
October 1996 What is the difference between Fortran V4 and V3
January 1997 after install of hacmp ptf smit hacmp lists everything 2x
October 1996 Hanging on led 911 when booting from a sysback tape.
November 1996 How to configure an IBM 7855 modem for RTS/CTS ?
October 1996 0516-044 error trying to import volume group
October 1996 128-port RAN tty and printers rearrange on mksysb restore
October 1996 How to perform incremental backups with sysback
October 1996 Can I pass-thru print through a telnet session ?
October 1996 How to go from 4.1.4 Client to 4.1.4 Server
October 1996 Setting up a print queue to IBM network print server
October 1996 msksyb and sybase raw logical volumes
October 1996 I get a "A" at the top of every print job coming from my PC
October 1996 RISCXWIN: Need to disable auto wraparound in .Xdefaults file for
March 1997 review/library
September 1996 how to clear hung tty console without reboot?
October 1996 SLIP routing problems on local subnets - how to do proxy arp ?
November 1996 Driver for Olicom pci token ring card
September 1996 System hangs at LED 299 on boot
November 1996 DCE 2.1 two machine cell with DTS -- had a clock skew error
September 1996 Adding carriage returns to linefeeds with a tty device
October 1996 remote printing loses job files
January 1997 configuration questions at AIX 4.2
September 1996 Writing messages to status-line of IBM 3151/3 ASCII terminals
September 1996 Rebooted and now print jobs only have 80 character lines
September 1996 Cannot start qdaemon - errpt shows srchevn.c line 261
September 1996 SLIP connection from modem on SCSI terminal server
October 1996 HACMP 4.2 questions
September 1996 starting vi turns off wraparound for aixterm
September 1996 lsvg vg_name yields "0516-028 lsvg: unable to open map file"
January 1997 HACMP: Is quorum required for three way concurrent access.
September 1996 sysback errors: 0301-108 mkboot: unable to read ...
September 1996 SP supper failing with 0018-258, 0018-276
November 1996 ESCON-attached 3490E tape drive cannot be made available.
August 1996 0301-155 bosboot: mkfs failed for /var/tmp/blv/disk.fs.
August 1996 sysback error bosboot: savebase failed with /dev/hdisk0
August 1996 cp: /usr/lpp/bosinst/bosinst.template file or directory does not exis
August 1996 Unable to create volume group data file!
August 1996 virtual printers with print queues using a custom backend
August 1996 remakevg command hangs during sysback restore
August 1996 User wants to capture the print spool file
August 1996 How to use a 7331 in split random mode
August 1996 mon-cxma counter definitions for 128 port adapter
August 1996 Changed tty on /etc/ibmatl.config file, lmcp daemon fails
August 1996 Curses is refreshing the whole screen when window refreshed.
August 1996 how do you connect a RAN to a frame relay router
July 1996 /usr/sbin/lsbackdevs[14]: sbcheck not found
July 1996 How to setup remote tape drive with sysback
July 1996 7.1.6 Oracle tools don't use curses correctly in AIX 4.1.4
July 1996 Using PAP and CHAP with PPP from Windows 95 to AIX
September 1996 nfs mount 1831-011 access denied 1831-008 giving up
July 1996 localhost not defined - sendmail error
July 1996 RISCOHW: urgent - what is normal behaviour during a power failure
December 1996 How is space alloacted for a VARCHAR field?
July 1996 How to send the output of one queue to two printers?
July 1996 Setting up MultiTek modems for multiple baud rate dial-ins
September 1996 RISCSYSU: Cache differnce between instruction, data, and L2 cache
September 1996 Setup of markNet XLe returns 1800-106 error. (Need to call LexMar
June 1996 Cloning R30 to E30 but excluding particular filesystems
June 1996 Hayes Accura 14.4 modem max. connection speed.
September 1996 X.25 PAD Print Config
June 1996 Getting a failure during sysback
June 1996 Upgrade to AIX 4.1.4 / HCON migration.
June 1996 Programming changes for large file support
June 1996 TTYs are dropping characters on native, 8 and 16 port adapter
June 1996 How to print draft to a 2391 printer from AIX 3.2.5?
May 1997 How to Calibrate a 7331
May 1997 filesystem helper 0506-526 implementation specific error 112
May 1997 sysback is core dumping on files with a % in the name
May 1997 No hdisk are showing up in service mode
May 1997 clvm autovaryon and the inittab.
May 1997 mksysb cannot write to device error
May 1997 How to down load micro-code on a system without a diskette drive
May 1997 uucp polling is dialing out every 30 minutes
May 1997 There appears to be another bosboot command creating a boot image
April 1997 Operation failed with errno 22: Invalid Argument
April 1997 -V, -L and -P flags are mutually exclusive
April 1997 sbclient: Cannot find hostname for
April 1997 Can't install from another system
April 1997 Not seeing all the of the install options
April 1997 rm: /usr/bin/tar not removed rm: /usr/bin/cpio not removed.
April 1997 0516-796 mkvg: Making hdisk3 a physical volume. Please wait
May 1997 HACMP: Do pre/post events get run on all nodes?
May 1997 SNA: MAX RU Size versus MAX I-Field (BTU) Size
April 1997 Can't read a remote full system backup using sysback
April 1997 Slow performance wit remote backups using sysback
April 1997 mkdirback is not backing up all the data
February 1998 Troubleshooting Service Director Communications
April 1997 invalid command name "syslogm"
November 1998 datab/sp2; cust having probs with remote connectivity to db2.
April 1997 How to load and unload tapes in a 3570
November 1998 DB2 sql1334 error on connect
April 1997 chdev put the tape drive in a defined state
April 1997 Attaching remote RAN to 128-port adapter via fiber optics?
April 1997 sbwrite: Memory allocation error! (header)
August 1997 Finding connection location for SSA pdisk definition.
April 1997 tr: ns_alloc(tr0) failed with errno = 19
April 1997 ISDN Support on the RS/6000
April 1997 0789-970 The required iFOR/LS license was not found.
April 1997 Read from tty in raw mode still filters out special characters
April 1997 setting dip switches on internal 8mm tape drive
April 1997 How to install C/C++ using Bundles?
April 1997 Kernel type "up" is invalid or support for this kernel is not installe
April 1997 What is the difference between sysback ver 3 and sysback ver 4.1
April 1997 cp: /usr/lpp/sysback/boot/sysinit: No such file or directory
April 1997 needs mpqp.h file for 4-Port Selectable Multiport Model 2 Adapter
June 1997 Cannot get modem connection to CPC after CPC replaced.
April 1997 TAPE_ERR2 on 7332 or 4mm drive, COMPRESSION ERROR
April 1997 Library item created in error- closing
April 1997 initial_hostname in PSSP
April 1997 wide node always boots in diagnostics
April 1997 Canceling item- Opened by mistake
April 1997 HACMP: Geting save_SNMP_var on the console every 5 seconds.
March 1997 /tmp/17394mkvgback.exec: can not execute
April 1997 Arctic Card: 3494 w/ more than 4 tapes drives, LAN attached.
March 1997 How to clone a 43p to a C20 using sysback
March 1997 How to boot a G40 from a R40 using sysback
March 1997 BKUP/ 0301-153 bootrec not found when trying to run mksysb
March 1997 How to boot a SMP node from sysback
April 1997 How to increase the Host-Workstation session limit for SNA Gateway
March 1997 Haning on led 609 doing a network boot
March 1997 Hanging on led 609 when doing a network boot
June 1997 SYSCNFG/how to tell the processor speed in EXX series systems
March 1997 The sysrestore command is hanging when using the -F flag
April 1997 BCFG007D, BCFG007E errors with SNA Client Access.
March 1997 restoring ISA 128 port adapter after mksysb restore
March 1997 3490-D31 TAPE_34XX_ERR Incompatible Tape Length Error
March 1997 sbdevice: you are not allowed access to a specified directory.
March 1997 Having trouble configuring an S370 card & 3490 tape unit
March 1997 Tape drive is now showing up as a 9427 instead of a 7331
March 1997 0303-155 bosboot mkfs failed for /tmp/Bootram.fs.
March 1997 Corrupt /etc/vfs file
March 1997 Moving a mksysb image from hard disk to tape.
February 1997 LED 622 then blank or LED 511 then blank
February 1997 sysback restore SP node on different hardware
February 1997 0516-307 getlvname unable to get name in database
February 1997 ksh[2]: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 11 : `done'
February 1997 non default umask effects on sysback and pssp
February 1997 Mirror write consistency for hd8 and hd6
February 1997 fgrep 0652-033: cannot find /blv/
March 1997 bak/ rdump getting botched error
February 1997 Failed to apply sysback on install
March 1997 7009 IS on this contract
February 1997 Getting errors installing sysback
February 1997 How to Create and Managed Shared Libraries that contain C++ Templates
February 1997 sysback menus are incorrect for network boot
February 1997 Sysback menus at AIX 3.2 are incorrect
February 1997 getting 1800-036 trying to change printer queue
February 1997 The sbdevice command is core dumping
February 1997 sysback is not listing all the files
February 1997 Entries in the .remote_access in correct
March 1997 AFTP, ACOPY, or SNAFTP to automate file transfers.
February 1997 Can a snapshot be restored from 4.1 to 4.2
February 1997 list of backend return codes the qdaemon recognizes
February 1997 repeated VSD_CALL_ER messages on Oracle Parallel Server nodes
February 1997 INSTALL/Trying to do an install and is having problems
February 1997 up kernal type is invalid or support for this kernal is not install
January 1997 How to create and manage C++ Shared Libraries with Template Classes
January 1997 Failure on the rootvg backup on a fullsystem backup
January 1997 Trying to identify software request and information on Netview 4.1.
January 1997 sysback seems to be haning in smit
January 1997 fshop_make Filesystem cannot exceed 2gb
January 1997 importing filesystems at 4.1 fails on 4.2-specific filesystems
January 1997 Wants to renumber his tape drives
February 1997 Showing more disk than actually selected.
January 1997 Invoking piohpnpf -x hostname from application program
January 1997 Description of location codes for MCA SMP machines.
January 1997 Building new terminfo files for new emulations
January 1997 odm:2 error opening device mgr, while adding lexmark queue
January 1997 0511-701 unexpected end of file condition has occurred.
January 1997 After replacing RS/6000 token ring adapter 4033 printers stopped
January 1997 How do I control numerous TTY-OVERRUN ERROR ID: 9D30B78E
January 1997 0781-304 sending jobs to JetDirect print queue after upgrade
January 1997 Why didn't ssp.ha install on my nodes? red host responds
November 1998 db2 question
December 1996 sysback error Can not retrieve vgserial_attribute
December 1996 0519-101 libodm error on lscfg
January 1997 Install Fortran V4 using sdcs key
December 1996 Can I use a different backup tool with sysback
December 1996 sbserver: No permission to execute /usr/sbin/sbdevice
December 1996 7331: tape stuck in picker error message
December 1996 GL file won't plot through native serial port
December 1996 UUCP problems between AIX and AT&T after 4.1.4 upgrade
December 1996 sysback hung on led 80c on a tape boot
December 1996 SMIT hangs when I try to change/show print queue characteristics
January 1997 problem with installing sp
December 1996 1800-106 error defining print queues after upgrading to 4.1
November 1996 sbfwd: Cannot attach to shared memory for buffer status.
November 1996 How to use an ISDN modem on a 43P and uses baud rates > 38400
November 1996 Volume group with strange PVid.
November 1996 Problem with ADSM, error message ADSM_DD_LOG2
November 1996 Printing MVS -> AIX -> Lantronix blank page between each page
November 1996 Printing to MarkNet XLE adapter without LexLink software
November 1996 Trying to close systems from sysback
November 1996 Drivers for HP CopyJet printer/copier
November 1996 Doing SLIP to a server that dynamically assigns IP addresses
November 1996 7208-011 is not being seen by the system.
November 1996 /usr/sbin/mkvgback[3]: test: argument expected
November 1996 cp: /usr/lpp/sysback/boot/sysinit: No such file or directory
November 1996 Memory specifications for 7043 models 140 and 240
November 1996 Could not bring up network on en0.
November 1996 How does sysback create the size rootvg's vgda
November 1996 Error creating sblv - trying again using defaults ..
December 1996 Wants to limit a group of people to use printer
November 1996 cron jobs are not working - problem with find command
January 1997 sendmail trouble connecting to AOL (America OnLine)
December 1997 - problem with restoring individual file from a sysback backup
November 1996 0782-336 error trying to add print queue after AIX 4.1 upgrade
October 1996 Remote printing from AIX to Apple LaserWriter
October 1996 sysback 43p network boot
November 1998 problem with nim installing a node
December 1996 Questions on restoring sysback VG backup.
October 1996 How to set the block size of tape drive larger
December 1996 question about changing the time stamp on db2 v2.1 will it effect it
November 1996 Print queue for IBM 4208 proprinter will not accept 12cpi
February 1997 (central) nfs server can not communicate with work station
October 1996 File images not showing up in smitty using sysback
October 1996 find 0652-019 bad status on ./blv it is not vaild
October 1996 Unable to select paper tray on MX HP 5SI printer
October 1996 how to install from remote tape drive connected locally
October 1996 1800-106 An error occurred using sysback
October 1996 how to detect hangup of a dial-in user from C program ?
November 1996 3590 errpt/ RECOVERED_ERROR 0F78A011 multiple cases
October 1996 Getting error message find: 0652-019 bad status on ./blv
October 1996 Trouble Ticket : delete change requests from database
October 1996 What do I need to attach an RS/6000 to Fast Ethernet (100BaseT)?
October 1996 0301-101 mkboot_rs6k: device open failure /dev/tok0
October 1996 strip: Not a recognized flag: k
October 1996 Netscape Enterprise Server - Cannot load library error
October 1996 problem with unlink / removed link and files
October 1996 question for migration from 3.2.5 to 4.2
October 1996 print queue goes down when changing paper.
October 1996 How to set the default print queue at AIX 3.2.5 ?
October 1996 43p bootp sysback network boot
October 1996 Jobs to HP JetDirect queue say RUNNING but nothing prints
November 1996 How to tell if SMP 604 processor upgrade installed?
November 1996 Remote RAN for 128-port using Motorola DSU/CSU stuck at P1
January 1997 Eudora not working with sendmail 4.2
October 1996 Preventing Extra form feed at end of print job
September 1996 cp: /usr/lpp/sysback/boot/sysinit: No such file or directory
September 1996 How to add multiple TCP/IP interfaces for AIX system running ATM.
September 1996 Summary of AIXLINK/X.25 V1.1.3 LPP Enhancements
September 1996 Problems with using the readsbheader command
October 1996 Trying to use "cu". Giving error: pad (some numbers)
September 1996 Can I run full duplex Ethernet with both SNA and TCP/IP?
September 1996 Can't make a bootable tape on a J30 for a SMP
September 1996 3004-008 cannot set process credentials
October 1996 Not getting printer intervention messages.
September 1996 sbwrite errors but sysback shows successful
September 1996 Not getting very good performance on the 3590
August 1996 /usr/sbin/mkvginfo[35]: minsize = Cannot / 1024 + 1:
August 1996 sbdevice: Permission denied
August 1996 How to generate large banner on line printer header page?
August 1996 New E30 won't boot
August 1996 /usr/sbin/editvginfo[226]: test: argument expected
August 1996 Hanging on led 911 when booting from sysback image
August 1996 Hanging on led 911 when booting from sysback tapes
December 1996 DB2 -How to flush the buffer pool?
August 1996 Trying to configure console for kernel debug
August 1996 Adding static routes to PPP interface on bootup
August 1996 3.2.5, NTX, print to tcp socket?
August 1996 select () returned errno=EINTR was ignored
August 1996 sbclient: Cannot find ip address for instserver
August 1996 How to determine if a system is thrashing
July 1996 Hanging on led 611 doing a sysback network boot
September 1996 repeated HACMP msg. - syslog set by root
August 1996 Port number to use for adding tty to PCMCIA modem on 820
July 1996 How to load tapes in a 3590-B11 tape drive
March 1997 how to set real-uid to non-superuser and regain superuser later
December 1996 DB2v2.1 -Probs w/ Stored Procedures and MF-COBOL
July 1996 Cannot find file: /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles3!
March 1997 sna link station doesn't start
December 1996 Sql substring returning numbers for the headings.
July 1997 Sysback Fixhist -
June 1996 How to get at raw lvs appened to the end of my sysback tape
July 1996 send escape code to an epson printer
June 1996 ran chnfsmnt on jfs and now fsck says unknown filesystem type
June 1996 Can't change s20 port flow control.
June 1996 ioctl calls for the parallel port?
June 1996 tftp is hanging during a sysback network boot
June 1996 Error restoring data to logical volume
June 1996 No tty's on 128-port are working the console tty on S1 is OK
March 1997 Want to add Versatek Plotter as PARALLEL 6185-2 plotter
June 1996 'verifysna' command returns "Symbol ... undefined" error
June 1996 Using PPP and Proxy arp
June 1996 Unable to create volume group data file!
June 1996 PMR for SE time
June 1996 Bootp of JetDirect over FDDI link
July 1996 0516-852 mklvcopy: Logical volume hd6 already has copies
May 1996 System won't boot after upgrading 220 to a 250.
July 1996 How do u increase the time between KA packets
May 1996 /usr/sbin/editvginfo[226]: test: argument expected
May 1996 Filesystem /home (/dev//dev/hd1) is not mounted or does not exist.
May 1996 Plotter attached to Xstation will not plot at 38400 baud
May 1996 3174 TCP/IP stack.
May 1996 pppcontrold facility for syslog?
May 1996 0516-693 mklv: The -x parameter is of illegal length or content
May 1996 fshop_make 0506-231 specify a boot program
May 1996 Is Intel Netport supported on 4.1.4 SMP machine?
May 1996 SNA Server/6000 V3.1 nodelock file after hardware update
May 1996 Can't suppress prompts from the restbyinode command
May 1996 Can't use sysback to install from a 3590 in service mode
April 1996 DB2 -How to export more than 2 gig
April 1996 Do I have to buy Hypertext Information Base Library?
April 1996 Print queue to dynamic tty or pts login session
April 1996 HP DesignJet 650C quit after 3.2.5 to 4.1.4 upgrade
April 1996 condensed print on/off with command line flag for ASCII virtual
April 1996 611 LED on netboot on local network
December 1996 Elmer : netmon daemon and ismp packets overpolling routers
April 1996 configuring a 3494 tape library to an sp2
May 1996 Network hangs on LED 610
April 1996 lpd daemon is dying - queues with multiple queue devices
April 1996 I can't restore my raw lv appended on a fullsystem backup
April 1996 Problems with restore of sysback
April 1996 Fast boot for a J30
April 1996 DB2HELP Will not display lines correctly on AIX v4.1.x
April 1996 How to use ENCINA with IBM COBOL SET for AIX
April 1996 Label specs for the 7331
April 1996 Fast IPL on a R30
March 1996 Sysback Fixhist -
May 1996 Sysback Fixhist -
March 1996 How to properly space labels when printing label forms?
April 1996 sysback smit menus incorrect
March 1996 sysback install hanging on led 611
March 1996 sysback is backing up NFS mounted filesystems
April 1996 Undefined symbol when starting DB2 following AIX upgrade
March 1996 Do AIO changes take effect immediately
March 1996 NetView forwarding traps to Trouble Ticket
May 1996 How to Permit Access to SNA Commands to a non-root, non-system USER
March 1996 Can't create a fullsystem backup with 1/4" tape drive
March 1996 Can't restore files from a fullsystem backup in smit
March 1996 HCON error 0789-656
May 1996 clverify states that system needs APARs IX51671 and IX54057.
April 1996 The SSA disk are not showing up in service mode
March 1996 0789-020 e789: caused by incomplete HCON installation
March 1996 LED code 185 DURING shutdown -F command
April 1996 can't unmount /dev/hd4 filesystem in sysback
March 1996 HOWTO AIX: How to resolve an X.25 "Device Busy" condition
March 1996 DB2/6000 - When Can I rm a log file and how to automate the process
February 1996 sysback of compress filesystems is taking 2x the amount of time
February 1996 0782-059 error adding JetDirect queue at 4.1.4
February 1996 Another boot image is currently being created .. waiting ..
September 1996 socket: All ports in use
February 1996 Printing Korean Text on HPLJ-4V
February 1996 How to remove the `ECHO' on the status line
April 1996 Printing GL to a 3116 printer.
February 1996 Removing paging spaces using sysback
March 1996 HOWTO : DB21018E with AIX 4.1
March 1996 Transparent Printing on 7318-S20 and Telnet Session Locks
February 1996 Queue with custom backend works locally but not remotely
February 1996 Passing -o flags to print server with rembak remote client
February 1996 sysback stripping off the domain name off
March 1996 SNA Services/6000 V1.2 support
February 1996 Mismatched commit levels of sna.sna.obj and sna.lu0.obj
February 1996 sysback problem with setting up a remote client
February 1996 Wants information on WWW services
February 1996 How to use troff to orientate in landscape
July 1996 Loading a file from the main frame to encina
February 1996 ppp and proxy arp
February 1996 NetView - Printing graphs with xnmgraph -printOnly -printCommand
January 1996 Usage: mkboottape -d device [-h hostname]
January 1996 Duplex printing to HP 5Si at AIX 4.1.4
May 1996 Network install sysback lsdev errors
February 1996 ERROR 514-517 while defining a 4-port multiprotocal adapter.
May 1996 Having performance problems, payroll takes twice as long
May 1996 3dmon cpu0 statistics not displayed for AIX 3.2 system
January 1996 Error reading install options from server for volume groups
January 1996 Getting rm, ln and lsdev errors with sysback
January 1996 cpio 0511-038 cannot write to specified
January 1996 CAN'T print 3rd party man pages
January 1996 db2 6000 - Migrated an instance and cannot run db2ckmig
January 1996 sbclient: Cannot find ip address for hostname
January 1996 smit backfilesys F4 does not work
January 1996 Fkeys problem tn aix41 to AIX 3.2
January 1996 Trouble Ticket for AIX Support for Lotus Notes,Knowledge DB etc...
January 1996 How to create customer virtual printer predef files at 4.1 ?
January 1996 Problems with remote services
January 1996 problems with remote services
January 1996 Process indicator values are off
January 1996 Can't restore a map file logical volume
January 1996 No keyboard interaction in sysback
January 1996 mkjfsback wrong syntax
January 1996 Can't verify a logical volume backup
January 1996 NetView - executable icon doesn't reflect correct status in all maps
January 1996 How to prevent qdaemon hangs
January 1996 Error configuring pmd daemon - problem receiving traps
January 1996 Why does this IP route add to the wrong interface?
March 1996 AIX not seeing additional space when adding drives to 7137-514
December 1995 new fs, df command shows to size 1 Gig to small.
December 1995 How can I get print queue status from a C program?
December 1995 Questions about 4.1
January 1996 0516-796 and 0516-862 Errors when making a volume group
December 1995 Setting Printronix 9012 for 17 CPI pitch
December 1995 Sysback 3.3 Release Notes
December 1995 How to print user name large on header page
December 1995 qprt/lp fails from remote system to newly setup QMS 1725 printer
January 1996 system crashed with 888, it is back up now
December 1995 pcmcia modem card, non a4001d00, to work on thinkpad
December 1995 Can't change the name of a logical volume at AIX 4.1.4
December 1995 "multi user intialization complete" then system hangs
December 1995 customer's cdrom is not being seem by the system
December 1995 NetView - filter out ONLY node down for certain machines
December 1995 mknod syntax error at line 2
December 1995 HOWTO AIX: How to add additional TCP/IP interfaces to an ATM adapter.
December 1995 HOWTO AIX: How to set the ATM Alternate MAC Address
December 1995 When will the xmanage command be available for AIX/Link X.25 LPP?
December 1995 Is there a way to force a dump on a Model 43P running AIX 4.1.3?
December 1995 LED 888-103-803-831 when booting diagnostics from hard drive
December 1995 netmon won't start
November 1995 Can you change who gets mail from the diagela command
November 1995 Information on tapes and tape drives
December 1995 Problems with uppercase vs lowercase filenames on DOS CDROM
December 1995 No more sybase kprocs for async I/O subsystem.
November 1995 lslv hd2 shows VG STATE: inactive
November 1995 Sysback Fix History - and 3.2.0 as well
December 1995 mirrord daemon
December 1995 Unable to create a logical volume.
November 1995 problems with changing title bar font in NetView
November 1995 Network install on SP2 causes a disk to go defined
November 1995 after boot, hangs during login process
November 1995 What systems will support SCSI F/W for booting
March 1996 System odm would be in corrupted state after reboot
November 1995 How to stop a no prompt install
November 1995 516-078 varyonvg: Incomplete device driver configuration.
November 1995 Bad paper selection options for HP LJ 4.
November 1995 IBM 3153 Locks Up.
November 1995 Boot to led 223
November 1995 Function keys on PC w/ ProComm emulating vt220 attached to AIX
November 1995 queues won't enable since upgrade to 4.1.3
November 1995 Unable to add parallel printer.
November 1995 Can I remove /usr/sys/inst.images
November 1995 How do I allow a user to only execute Trouble Ticket when they log in
November 1995 Using rcp to print to terminal server
December 1995 need to restrict certain users from a queue.
October 1995 Programming 3164 function keys from shell script
November 1995 error from remote queues write to user, how to send mail instead.
November 1995 0888 0006 Sense code trying to start session.
November 1995 I can not start the user interface of Netview/6000
December 1995 How to pass flags to NT from MVS
November 1995 0509-037 system error - errdata is xlf
October 1995 HOWTO on connecting one 3153 terminal between two RISCs.
November 1995 Managing install tapes with bffcreate and inutoc
December 1995 SMIT error 1800-109 when starting a subsystem in 4.1.3
December 1995 Which RAID provides better performance for databases.
October 1995 Filtering printer data
February 1996 Using Pager in Netview V4
November 1995 configuring a post script printer,
November 1995 0516-622 Cannot write Logical Volume Control Block
November 1995 Volume groups do not varyon at reboot
October 1995 Unable to import a volume group on a shared drive.
October 1995 netview smit gives "not found" messages
October 1995 Using 'cu' to automate pager messages.
January 1996 NetView V3.1 & SystemsMonitor V2.1 > Xresources questions/problems
October 1995 The /tmp/cm.log HACMP file keep filling the /tmp filesystem.
November 1995 NFS mounting DynaText libraries.
February 1996 xwindows keeps dropping when working in netview/6000
October 1995 IBM 3112 printer leaves large bottom margin
October 1995 Problem: How to set mark and space parity
October 1995 gprof and MICRO FOCUS COBOL
June 1996 How to do dynamic loading in IBM COBOL SET for AIX
September 1996 Configuring 3494 tape library control point
June 1996 NetView/6000 : Can I install trapgend without doing a remote install?
May 1996 Please help on TTYHOG over run errors with Cleo async/sync
May 1996 RISCOHW: How to physically connect a 3995-C60 to 2 7205/F30's
October 1998 NeedsAppvl: Sharing modem between Service Director and System Guard
May 1996 HACMP 3.1: clstat shows "no active clusters"
August 1996 Need wiring for 7318 to HP LaserJet 4M/4Plus
May 1996 RISCADEV: RAN and 128 port adapter monitor form smit question
April 1996 sbserver: no permission to execute /usr/sbin/setbs
May 1996 HCON: How to change color table
October 1996 Service Director return code=101-Modem Configuration for SD/6000
April 1996 Contact list request
May 1996 mkvirprt hangs from cmd ln / 0782-326 not a valid printer type
May 1996 3490 Tape drive-lmcpd hanging
April 1996 Remote printing rembak error 0781-233 after upgrading software
April 1996 3494 library. Talk to one of the hosts.
April 1996 Network boot hanging on led 888-102-558-0c8
April 1996 3192/having problems with his terminal keypad
May 1996 remote queue-local filtering-ignores header= trailer=
May 1996 DB2v2.1 -SQL0968 when doing a restore -SQL0293 in diag.log
March 1996 tset command for 3153 terminals resets terminal attributes
May 1996 ACTLU cold start NOT SUPPORTED
April 1996 customer needs assistance with assign/unassign command
February 1997 Communication between parent and child processes.
May 1996 Problems using the SNA Server v.3.1 acopy command
May 1997 TEST TEST test...
May 1997 DBX problem for Toronto Labs
March 1996 7318-S20 will not conntect to PC based X-Client
March 1996 Starting up HACMP v2.1-deamon: clsmuxpd does not start
March 1996 DB2 HowTo Visual Explain
June 1996 DB2 6000 2.1.1/migrating data base
April 1996 The enq and qprt commands do not work in Korn Restricted Shell.
May 1996 "svmon" command to monitor memory usage
February 1996 sysback. trying to restore a volume group to a raid device.
February 1996 HOWTO: Netview/6000 using DB2/6000 Relational Database
March 1996 fup 03/08.question concerning db2 6000 thread support/does db2 support
February 1996 having a problem with send mail
February 1996 HOWTO: Configure nvpager using Rulesets
March 1996 DB2/6000 -How do I set the date format to ISO not IBM after DB restor
February 1996 Sysback Err: "Sorry I don't know how to deal with your dumb terminal
March 1996 DB2v1.2 -Deadlock from doing a select w/ a REORGCHK w/ UPDATE running
February 1996 Using mkvirprt from the command line
March 1996 Adding a remote printer on 4.1
March 1996 starting CACS on a SP2
January 1996 NetView - Field "PABXType": not a GLOBAL DISPLAY field
January 1996 NetView - nv6000 -fields error: not a GLOBAL DISPLAY field
January 1996 NetView -Cutting and Pasting
January 1996 NetView - netmon is not completely discovering all the interfaces
January 1996 NetView - Determining the HOSTNAME field in the IP Topology database
January 1996 NetView - How the node's symbol label is determined
January 1996 SYSBACK is hanging on the install
January 1996 NetView - REMOVED status in database
January 1996 NetView - ICON spacing on the NVAIX
January 1996 NetView - Status Color Changes and nvevents
January 1996 NetView - Number of available status colors
January 1996 NetView - Discovery of New Nodes - Changing Behavior to Executable
January 1996 NetView - how can I get the "Control Desk" tool off the tool palette?
January 1996 NetView - netmon options:
January 1996 NetView - changing symbol type
January 1996 NetView - creating new connection types
January 1996 NetView - Submap Partitioning - Moving symbols from one submap
January 1996 NetView - oid_to_sym
January 1996 NetView - Turning off SNMP to limit discovery
January 1996 NetView - At the MIB browser, can I show the community name?
January 1996 NetView - differences between ovevent.log and trapd.log
January 1996 NetView - unexpected ICMP message
January 1996 NetView - OVwInit problems (OVw_CONNECT_ERROR)
January 1996 MLM - can MLM manage nodes outside of its subnet?
January 1996 NetView - Events Slow in Appearing At Startup
January 1996 NetView - Labels for Networks
January 1996 NetView - Retry count for snmp requests
January 1996 NetView - Optivity/pmd/trapd Installation Problems
January 1996 NetView - Is the date an object discovered in any database?
January 1996 job scheduler/daemon dies and leaves behind tcp/ip connections
January 1996 NetView - An interface card is red, but it responds when I ping it.
January 1996 NetView - NV 6K refuses to recognize 2 NSC routers
January 1996 NetView - Serial connecting line appears black
January 1996 NetView - Changing Community Strings for selected nodes.
January 1996 NetView - false interface add/delete events in Netview
January 1996 NetView - Seed File - Introductory information:
January 1996 NetView - Removing icon from bottom holding area
January 1996 NetView - the control desk, tool palette, and navigation tree.
January 1996 NetView - Can NEW objects be automatically unmanaged?
January 1996 NetView - How do I discover nodes that are many "hops" away
January 1996 NetView - Can discovery be told to manage non-SNMP
January 1996 NetView - Can NetView treat a bridge as a connector
January 1996 NetView - Can I start ipmap from the command line?
January 1996 NetView - synchronization vs objects in database
January 1996 NetView - Is there a way to assign a user color to a specific symbol?
January 1996 NetView - Removing View->Redo Layout from the menu
January 1996 NetView - How only one special user change the polling intermal?
January 1996 NetView - Is there a way to query the Status of an map object/symbol
January 1996 NetView - Database Information and Diagnostic Tools
January 1996 recreate a volume group from sysback errors in smit
January 1996 printing postscript from Netview to remote Windows NT server
January 1996 NetView - Verify ems_log_agent and nameserver" error
January 1996 SYSBACK function keys with the progress indicator screen
January 1996 SystemView & HACMP howto.
February 1996 PMP breaks SNA microcode for blkmux.
March 1996 Added 4 disks to 7137 and aix doesn't see new space
March 1996 Crash 888-103-203-291-888
January 1996 netview 3.1. as root symbols look fine, as regular user are generic
January 1996 NetView - netmon Seed File - Introductory information
March 1996 WOCB: getting a stale partitions/lvm
January 1996 NetView - What is ipmap?
December 1995 NetView - symbols not showing up
December 1995 NetView: snmptrap change symbol colors
January 1996 AS/400 Connection Program message catalog on AIX 4.1.x
March 1996 Can a 7135 raid be attached to a 3.2.5 and 4.1.4?
April 1996 RISCAWhat are the options to support a RS-449 port on an RS/6000?
March 1996 Understanding Netview alarms from HACMP...
December 1995 IP Address Discovery Conditions
December 1995 Selection names, hostnames, and symbol labels can all be different
December 1995 NetView for AIX support of AIX Version 4.1.x
December 1995 Version 4 Client/Server problem - rpc.statd errors
December 1995 installation failed on an AIX 4.1.2. system
December 1995 ovw: BadDrawable on 24-bit graphics card and monitor on a SPARC 5
December 1995 How to activate a menu function from within an application?
December 1995 NetView V3R1 and SNMP communications - which interface?
December 1995 The stanford mailing list is moving to a new server.
December 1995 Can the client software of NetView V4 run on a PowerPC 850?
December 1995 SNAMGR V 1.1.2
December 1995 SNMP V2 and NetView V4.1
December 1995 A dialog box on the Client does not come up with the correct language?
December 1995 Netmon and Netmasks
December 1995 can I use UUCP to download a file to a remote tape drive.
December 1995 How long does it take NetView to discover a new interface?
December 1995 remove nodes, interfaces, etc. which have been down for 7 days or more
December 1995 When an interface is Unmanaged, does netmon still poll it?
December 1995 /usr/OV/conf/oid_to_type and /usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym
December 1995 U438905 PTF client installation hangs
December 1995 0516-787 extendlv: maximum # of LP exceeded.
February 1996 For multiple Link Stations: code CPNAME or IDBLK, IDNUM on host?
December 1995 BSC3270 support
January 1996 Change trace file size of SNA Server LS trace.
December 1995 Changing the "forced copy flag" on the dump device.
November 1995 Printing to serial port on FASTCOM router
November 1995 UUX - How to set the environment variables in uucp
November 1995 seagate disk drive/error in progress database
March 1996 Does HACMP v3.1.1 support target mode scsi on the 2416 adapter?
November 1995 16 port adapter unable to run tty's at 9600 baud rate
February 1996 sense code 800A sent by AIXSNA
December 1995 Getting message about hibernation on bootup on Model 43P.
November 1995 Trouble ticket 3.2 running with sybase.
November 1995 test question
January 1996 the customer needs to order 4.1.4 ix52536
October 1995 test question
October 1995 remote printing - awk error when using remote printing.
November 1995 Having problems printing mutiple files to a queue using wildcard
January 1996 Epson DFX 8000 printer not printing long "jobs" completely
November 1995 Printer communication problems (NCR as Printronix)
October 1995 Which process is using a TCP port number?
October 1995 IBM 3116-PAGE PRINTER, change page length
November 1995 Error 0105-2706 when trying to start link station.
October 1995 Informix needs /usr/lib/FCM/lowsys.exp on AIX V4
October 1995 How to trace data output to a single tty?
October 1995 SystemsMonitorv2.2>install problems with systems information agent
October 1995 Help creating executable icons in Netview
October 1995 snmpget problems after changing NetView machine's IP name
October 1995 HACMP: How do you add a file system on a shared disk.
December 1995 deallocate failure error code 105 on DLU6.2
October 1995 HACMP: How to implement gated or routed for HACMP cluster.
March 1996 NV6k v4.1.1: nv6000.nvbooks install fails with prereq failure
November 1995 LU6.2 configuration issue.
October 1995 HACMP How to change from cascading to rotating resources.
January 1996 problem with the dce login
October 1995 Netmon daemon deleting and readding Symbols
September 1995 Need to disable port S1 for CE to perform work; port remains busy!
November 1995 One printer runs out of paper-all queues stop printing
November 1995 Creating LV's/filesystems gives 0516-022 and mknod error
March 1996 7137 installation corrupted the Pd* odm
December 1995 General questions on the events application
March 1996 HACMP System does failover due to lack of Mbuf space.
December 1995 The sna cmd requires .sna.status to start the subsystem.
October 1995 parallel port not putting all characters out
November 1995 4.1 machined hangs on a led 549
December 1995 Sense code 80090000 trying to use as400xfer.
September 1995 remote communication between risc 128 portto 16 port concentrator
October 1995 3151 console hangs after adding HACMP boot data
December 1995 Setting node number for 7133 SSA router
September 1995 3151 will not accept login
September 1995 UUCP has stopped working; remote host is locked
September 1995 How to start and stop the qdaemon without logging in as 'root'
September 1995 AIX 3.2.5: How to determine ATM device driver level?
October 1995 Need help configuring NFS over AIX ATM.
September 1995 How does fwrite() and fflush() work?
January 1996 Restored system with Sysback, Oracle LV ownership is wrong
August 1995 How to run getty and SLIP on the same tty?
August 1995 Replacement for max_proc at AIX V4.1
August 1995 What are the /etc/objrepos/*.vc files?
December 1995 HCON key mapping
October 1995 Cleo SYNCable + async to sync converter
August 1995 hacmp 6000/lock manager will not start
August 1995 FORTRAN carriage control not printing correctly
August 1995 Using the second paper tray on a hp laserjet 4si.
August 1995 Booting from 4.1 cd, getting flashing 888's.
April 1996 AIXSNA LS timers on activation
August 1995 Remote print queue over UUCP
August 1995 What are kslt, ksel and kbsp terminfo attributes?
September 1995 cnsview "daemon start" --> "must be root to run this command"
August 1995 Mksysb reinstalls automatically, can't go into maintenance.
August 1995 Smit fastpath gives error: 1800-109.
August 1995 Customer has ghost disks on an HACMP cluster.
August 1995 What can you install 4.1 from?
August 1995 double SMIT options for DB2
July 1995 xlc: What do the -H512 and -T512 options do?
July 1995 Printq shows ready but it is not active
July 1995 Xstation 140 PTF U436778 problems
July 1995 Problems printing CMVC files.
October 1995 Problems configuring ethernet adapter on a RISC Model R30
August 1995 What does the "free=true" mean in /etc/filesystems?
July 1995 odmadd erors when installing sna ptf
December 1995 SNA Server and SNA Gateway at different levels
July 1995 configuring 3153 terminal function keys.
August 1995 Remote printer support problem to KNET printer
July 1995 mirrored rootvg will not let him install ptfs
August 1995 Why a 4.5 Gigabyte disk show 3840 Megabytes Total PPs
August 1995 Creating mirrored dump devices at 4.1
August 1995 "/etc/extendlv: /tmp/allocpin ###: cannot create" errors
July 1995 Printing from MVS to PSF/6000
July 1995 Which SPO 4.1.x tapes can install on which RISC systems
August 1995 0514-033 when trying to add parallel printer
July 1995 Problem configuring remote TCP/IP access to multiple AIX V3 X.25 ports
July 1995 SQL1326N permissions error in re-created instance
July 1995 lslpp -ha returns errors.
June 1995 NIM Install: stops with LED 608.
October 1995 RISC 970/980: Why isn't the IBM Turboways 100 ATM adapter available?
May 1996 Getting CMVC error 0010-256
June 1995 Can't use the help button with vms
September 1995 problems writing/reading to newly created vsds
July 1995 7318 P10 style port and 28.8 modem with baudrate 115200
July 1995 How to clone from a UP to a SMP and do fast boots?
June 1995 Service Director log file growing large
July 1995 Volume group called "log" corrupted at boot
June 1995 how to install optional bundle on mksysb restore
July 1995 mirroring: "ksh: cannot create" errors after primary drive failure
June 1995 System hunging on led C31 when booting from a install media
November 1995 IBM 4/16MB Autodetecting Token Ring Adapter in 40P
June 1995 Problem with high speed switch on node in SP2
June 1995 term cap file does not have a vt220 in it
June 1995 How to install locked products from SDS (Showcase) CD?
June 1995 enq: (FATAL ERROR:) Read error 0 on/etc/queue/config.bin
July 1995 0516-335 message: 15 char limit in LV names
November 1995 URGENT 7318, p10s quit working.
June 1995 The current boot logical volume /dev/hd5 does not exist on hdisk4
November 1995 pPrinter- How To Convert Q to UPPERCASE
September 1995 How to disable AMD & SUPPER and to make users local
June 1995 sysback ver /usr/sbin/<166>: /sbin/rc.boot_sb:
July 1995 How to run cron on the last day of every month.
June 1995 ODM Problems with SNA. Defined device not found
July 1995 / is full; ran ptfdir_clean to remove files and directories
July 1995 Performance Tuning for Asynchronous I/O
July 1995 Problem creating a journal file system on a previously defined LV
June 1995 "insert character" screen movement sequences using "aixterm"
July 1995 Manual removal of 3.2.5 4mm_auto driver on 4.1.2 system
June 1995 upgrade to 3251 completed very quickly
June 1995 How to check print q status from C program?
May 1995 ucfgsnam failed with RC=39 when installing a sna PTF
July 1995 0514-612 cfgmgr error; "banner 'mm ibm1'" executed from .envfile
July 1995 Can I boot from a RAID device if hdisk0 fails?
May 1995 FORTRAN line feed controls - printing howto?
May 1995 Want to send header pages to remote queue
May 1995 Sysback recreates 4.5Gb disk VG with 8Mb PP size instead of 4Mb
November 1995 trying to get info pseudo terminals
June 1995 Installing PASCAL compiler errors
May 1995 Ghost paging space after Sysback ver 3 restoration
July 1995 0514-001 error on cfgvidarscan and cfghiresscan (3rd party)
May 1995 Can you NFS mount a 4Gb filesystem on an AIX 3.2.5 machine?
May 1995 0506-322 error on "bosboot"
May 1995 0506-324 I/O errors on filesystems: corrupt jfslog
May 1995 PSE differences at AIX 4.1
May 1995 40P cannot change Ethernet interface from bnc to tp
July 1995 Reducing hd6 with 0 free PPs in rootvg
May 1995 7135 dual active controller drive groups
August 1995 Executing DSMIT fails with error 1800-204.
May 1995 Why a CD may not eject
February 1996 NFS Performance problems
May 1995 Problem with configuration print file to MVS
November 1995 Need unique CPU ID before install.
November 1995 New install of 7137. Shows up as Other SCSI Disk.
November 1995 cannot varyon a volume group.
May 1995 hd3 renamed to fslv00 after migration to 4.1.x and "synclvodm"
May 1995 How much space is being allocated on a sub-directory?
November 1995 Unable to correctly configure a printer
June 1995 Problem with sysback ver 3 with a 3480 channel attached tape drives
July 1995 nfs mounting upon reboot using nis
November 1995 Sysback restore problem.
November 1995 machine hangs importing nonrootvg and locks up
November 1995 System hangs at led 551.
November 1995 URGENT: led 557 recovery
April 1995 How to turn off mail from the batch command
April 1995 Sysback ver 2 restore problems
April 1995 Reducing hd6 at 4.1.x
April 1995 General questions on tar and mksysb archives
April 1995 Xstation 150 booting problems from an HACMP machine
June 1995 changing a user's password using nis
April 1995 PTF U411227 is superceded by different PTF numbers
June 1995 Cannot run as root
April 1995 How to order Sysback outside the US
June 1995 SP2: unwanted static routes
April 1995 (ARTIC) Microcode installation & information
April 1995 bootp can't find hardware address message
April 1995 can not connect to RISC using AADU
April 1996 Needs trap command in bourneshell
March 1995 Using the optional diskette drive on Xstation 160
May 1995 Glide mounting environmentally hardened 7012s in a rack
April 1995 mkuser errors: 3004-687 and 3004-628
April 1996 converting text files between dos and AXI/unix
April 1996 How-to redirect system console msgs to a file and console
May 1995 Need FC's for all my hardware
March 1995 restore of Sysback is missing TCPip info and Nonroot VGs
March 1995 How to display message in Message line on 3151 - WYSE emulation?
May 1995 LED 269 when reconfigure the G30s internal SCSI devices on new adapte
March 1995 How to get filtd daemon running again?
April 1995 0514-044 on "cfgmgr"; corrupt / and /dev/ipldevice
April 1995 SP2-changes from BNC to AUI
May 1995 Can I get a unversal set of keys for multiple RS/6000s ?
March 1995 Xserver getting only the server, but TFTP climbing high
March 1995 Errors on vsd after power outage
June 1995 Problem with 4.1 ShowCase CD.
May 1995 varyonvg error message 0516-013 on RAID box volume group
March 1995 HACMP question regarding reintegration.
March 1995 X.25 adapter changes causing "Device is busy" message
March 1995 CP-CP session won't start
March 1995 Problem copying files >32K into a filesystem >95%
November 1995 pax: /dev/rmt0.1: This doesn't look like a tar image
March 1995 How to read terminfo Fkey values from c program.
February 1995 Upgrading production system from 3.2.2 to 3.2.5.
March 1995 Does tar support wildcards?
February 1995 Can't make a full system backup using sysback
February 1995 XDM, OS/2, PMX, and Xstation 140 configuration questions
February 1995 User ids in the range of 100 to 200.
February 1995 How do you assign secondary group names in DB2/6000?
February 1995 Mailing to userids with capital letters.
February 1995 How to configure gxt1000 for 60khz scan rate
February 1995 Getting errors when installing from the network with sysback
February 1995 6408 printer defined as 4234 printing very slowly
January 1995 Running crontab entry first Sunday of each month
February 1995 How to list only local filesystems with df
February 1995 Howto share CDROM with NFS clients
January 1995 Trapgend and GTDM will not start
January 1995 mkvgback command not backing up the files
February 1995 nfs mount 1831-011 access denied
January 1995 How to Restore Files to a Different Location (TAR)
January 1995 How to configure automount
February 1995 Methods errors on tape after update_all
January 1995 Error message 0513-024.
February 1995 Binding to a NIS server across a router
January 1995 Replacement script for "line -t"
January 1995 Bootp network interface problems from a gateway machine - sa tag
January 1995 AIC 1.2 error message 5756-641 Cannot determine size []
January 1995 CANNOT RETRIEVE FILES with uucp
January 1995 sendmail to uppercase usernames
January 1995 Implement user time out; logoff inactive users; howto
January 1995 Questions on prtacct accounting report
January 1995 mklanprt fails with 0514-520 error
January 1995 link station became inactive
January 1995 cannot start SNMP
December 1994 Installation of REXX 6000
January 1995 remote jfsrestore command error [243]:0 unknown test operator
March 1995 Multiple Ethernet connections
December 1994 ASCII to EBCDIC character conversions
January 1995 REmote printing from AS/400 to RISC
December 1994 Automate FTP transfer
December 1994 Error with manpages: 0703-203 could not open
December 1994 Unable to run bosboot verification when committing ptfts
April 1996 date stamp howto
January 1995 Netview/6000 support-ref: P8155
December 1994 Getting wrong date after installing from a sysback full system backup
April 1995 0514-040 cannot initialize device in kernel.
December 1994 SSP 2.1, mpcc and mpxlf compiled jobs taking 50% of CPU
December 1994 Difference Between the Enhancements of 3.2.5
December 1994 How to modify the console entry in /etc/inittab
December 1994 SLIP - Dynamic Link allocation?
November 1994 What are the last three feilds from the uptime command?
November 1994 aix 4.1 - No hypertext links in infoexplorer
January 1995 trcfmt error message 0454-036
November 1995 odm problems
November 1994 netstat -i doesn't show ethernet collisions
November 1994 Howto increase the maximum UID for a DCE security server
November 1995 restoring from a clone/0506-324 cannot mount /
November 1994 printer problems
November 1994 bootp packets not getting across router
November 1994 Getting preq errors when install U427864
November 1994 output errors (oerrs) on token ring
November 1994 tar return code of 254
November 1994 Question on ClassSymbol for product class
November 1994 Problem printing to
October 1994 Question on v_file in /usr/include/sys/var.h
November 1994 smit problem
April 1996 Question: When job running from CRON, where does it get
October 1994 INed: Keys not functioning properly
October 1994 Where is /dev/tok0 device driver stored in AIX 4.1?
December 1994 cannot rlogin ro a system
October 1994 Can a installation be done completely from a network?
April 1997 Maximum Physical Partition and filesystem size, PP's in LV
October 1994 How to start AIXwindows at system boot
October 1994 Sysback restore-unable to connect remote server to client
October 1994 bootptab - sa, ds
October 1995 Questions about the new IBM Auto Token-Ring LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter.
October 1994 Multi-hop SLIP configuration
December 1994 WYSE 50 terminal emulation. tn3270
October 1994 Getting the error sysrest[127]: ls not found.
October 1994 Logical volume maximum values
June 1995 limit of line length in /etc/inetd.conf
October 1994 Xstation booting to 8825 error.
October 1994 Can't create a mksysb with a 3490e tape drive
October 1994 X.25 xmanage reports connection status "UNKNOWN"
October 1994 Rdump does not backup ACL information.
November 1994 DCE DTS message "dtscp cannot get binding to dts daemon"
October 1994 CMVC: Destroying files.
October 1994 xlock/users unable to use
October 1994 Routers Not Discovered - U433539
September 1994 Sysback fails on bootable tape with return code 11
December 1994 DDCS/6000 with Cobol - PMR 8X804 B004
October 1994 Errors compiling COBOL code for DirectTalk/6000
December 1994 lockd and statd error messages.
September 1994 Netview DM Installation Planning
October 1994 Netview - problem demand poling - ovtopofix -a
November 1994 Problems with "snapshop" backups of LV copies on 7135 system
September 1994 Filesystem is lost, but the logical volume is still there.
January 1995 DDCS/6000: programmer/bind userid's
September 1994 HP LaserJet 4P pins on 128-port RAN
September 1994 remote printing
October 1994 Netview - Configuration
September 1994 tftp error 0827-604
November 1994 starting DCE hangs on rpcd
September 1994 How to use one queue for both ascii and postscript.
September 1994 AIX 3.2.5 DCE cdsd did not start "software error detected in server"
October 1994 Netview - Map Errors
September 1994 AIX 3.2.5 DCE causes system to crash with c09 flashing 888s
September 1994 KAIO_RDWR undefined error when loading Sybase
October 1994 Netview - Daemons Dieing
October 1994 Connection to OVW lost, EMS_LOG Agent, Event Log Size
August 1994 How to send a message to certain users.
August 1994 Setting up Genicom printers with 128 port
August 1994 128 controller problems
April 1996 tcpip question
September 1994 Lexical error when installing U430214
August 1994 any user except root has their processes return "killed"
September 1994 Problem bring up X on Xstation
October 1994 can't pull up xserver/xserver quits if pulls up 4 displ
August 1994 How to determine the version of motif and windows
August 1994 queue daemon errors from rembak timeout
September 1994 Problem configuring Xstation 150
August 1994 The restore command is only restore every even fileimage
August 1994 tape drive
August 1994 how to configure AutoCad
August 1994 How to get queuing system to restore on other machines
October 1994 Diskette drive comes up Defined
August 1994 printer and tty prob
September 1994 Problem booting Xstation 120
August 1994 date command returns blanks instead of padded 0s
August 1994 network install failes with 'getbos:' error
August 1994 Having problem creating mksysb-syntax error
August 1994 Can't read my backup by inode tape.
August 1994 AIX 4.1 user license questions.
August 1994 Problems with corrupted file system since changing logs
July 1994 ap/? about setting up dialers file & attach queue to modem
July 1994 wants to change keyboard maping to carrot front
July 1994 tty enq problem
July 1994 mkvirprt does not work from command line.
June 1996 hiding symbols in a shared library
July 1994 NFS client cannot see all files in a NFS mounted directory
August 1994 AIX 3.2.5: DCE threads get internal deadlock error with shared memory
June 1994 Cset++ compiler v.2.1.1 breaks when doing strncpy
June 1994 How can I set X.25 T10 and T12 timers?
October 1995 Any problems with RIP running on HACMP system?
October 1995 HP PCL Printer will not duplex under PSF/AIX 2.1 & AIX 4.1.3
October 1995 How to create refuse files with SUPPER for various nodes?
September 1995 NV6000: Control desk seperate from main window.
September 1995 Can't restore a mksysb on a SP2 node
October 1995 Adding VSDs - when necessary to bring all down
September 1995 compiling lprafp: description file needs seperator character
September 1995 How SNMP Traffic and Operations work and map problems
December 1995 SNA communications error 133 / as400xfer
September 1995 C++ link-step error 0711-317 when using templates
November 1995 HP PostScript paper tray selection not working.
November 1995 lpd on jetdirect can't handle large print jobs
September 1995 Can dscreen run on native adapter at AIX 4.1?
September 1995 How to create predefined colon files.
September 1995 128-port RAN bug at 4.1.3
December 1995 hllapi sample program fails with return code 9.
December 1995 How to set AIX dispatching for SNA Server
September 1995 HP Laserjet 4si prints PCL but not PostScript
August 1995 PSF user getting message from qdaemon, device died
August 1995 AIX V4 bos.compat fileset
September 1995 Node not able to communicate on switch; change ARP value
August 1995 trying to run tcpip on model 720, 40p
June 1996 Steve Hicks: Please delete
June 1996 Issues with multiple 3.2.5 boot nodes
August 1995 non-root printing problems to JetDirect queues
August 1995 Howto Add Another Domain To Nameserver
August 1995 Setting Up A Secondary DNS Server
August 1995 Setting Up a Primary DNS Server Fax
August 1995 curses program compiled alters window colors on exit
August 1995 Netview 3.1 install fails on 4.1 system.
August 1995 Questions on AIX V3 vs AIX V4 savebase command
August 1995 Determination of a tape position - DDS2 Autoloader
August 1995 Can you increase a striped LV to an additional hdisk
August 1995 Xstations: How to configure without Xstation manager
August 1995 How to match pdisk to hdisk for SSA Drives
August 1995 LVM block size and disk reads for raw devices
August 1995 How to force a system dump on a hung SP2 node
July 1995 Problem with sysback restoring data, error 1820-038
July 1995 Can't upgrade to 4.1 from 3.2.5
August 1995 v3fshelper errors on chfs when filesystem is 100% full
August 1995 How to determine which LV a bad block is part of
July 1995 Question: System monitor compatibility
July 1995 DDCS 1.1 prereq problem with SNA server. See summary at bottom.
August 1995 Terminal; 3153 setup/ dual session mode
June 1995 Problems restoring system from sysback backup
June 1995 Why is X.25 session being clear with SNA cause/diagnostic codes?
June 1995 HOWTO Delay Deadman Switch in HACMP 2.1/3.1
June 1995 Sysback BACKUP MEDIUM I/O ERROR: read/seek: Bad file number
June 1995 Sysback error: 0301-150 bosboot: Invalid or no boot device specified!
June 1995 The sysback ver 3 backup is missing many files
July 1995 How to limit the number of simultaneous user logins.
June 1995 How to archive print copies?
July 1995 0514-621 error configuring a device at AIX 4.1
June 1995 Correction to "x25mon" description in AIX X.25 LPP Cookbook (GG24-4475
June 1995 Network boot with sysback hungs on led 666
June 1995 error message: ambiguous output redirect
July 1995 Another boot image is currently being created .. waiting
June 1995 How to print formatted report and unformated data to same queue.
July 1995 Bypass naming convention; create a dummy diskette drive
June 1995 Moving NetLS server to another subnet
May 1995 0513-015 read error zero on /etc/qconfig.bin
May 1995 ftp versus rcp file transfer performance on AIX 3.2.5
May 1995 Sysback recreating logical volumes with 15 char names
June 1995 How to get the exit status of a command executed by system()
May 1995 Connection reset by peer error messages
June 1995 Problems creating mksysb backup
June 1995 pdnsd hogging cpu time
May 1995 Limitations with curses version of fixdist at 4.1
May 1995 0516-059 on extendvg with 9333 serial drive
May 1995 1800-106 unable to read header in smit
May 1995 sbclient: setup of install server failed : connect failed
May 1995 Tctl command not working on 9-track tape drive (model 9348)
May 1995 import of PCL's for failed device busy
May 1995 How can I 'mv' a file whose name is unprintable?
May 1995 Can't find U422467 on the 3.2.5 SPO tape
May 1995 How to move Initial CDS server to another machine
June 1995 sp1, network connections
May 1995 How can I get Xstation microcode updates?
May 1995 Can't restore a sysback 3.1 backup on a sysback 3.2 system
June 1995 xlC takes 75 seconds to compile hello.C
May 1995 Can't Create a network boot image with sysback Ver
May 1995 HOWTO AIX: How to resolve an X.25 "Device Busy" condition (4/95)
May 1995 888 crash in pw-syscall (Oracle kernel extension)
May 1995 Jetdirect on Welfleet router won't boot
April 1995 4039 printer as HPLJ virprt won't switch paper trays.
April 1995 Lower Right Box Char doesn't print - curses
April 1995 Sysback Ver 3.2 mkvgback won't backup rootvg
April 1995 lpd forking infinitely after HACMP failover.
May 1995 'uname -m': A more complete listing of Model ID's.
April 1995 0026-813 cannot obtain objects from SDR class SP_ports
April 1995 Wanting to automount non-/u directory on SP2
April 1995 Getting strange rsh errors with sysback/6000
April 1995 su error: 3004-505: cannot set process environment.
April 1995 Takes a long time to login
April 1996 Write a korn shell script and the IFS seems to be set oddly
April 1995 Sysback Ver 3.2 failed on the network install
May 1995 Fortran labeled common areas need to be in a specific order
May 1995 Wants to combine static and shared libraries
November 1995 system hang at c06 after attempted install
April 1995 Extra form feeds printing to NOVELL
April 1995 Help with multi-descriptor async I/O
April 1995 Permissions and function of /etc/vg/lvdd_kmid
April 1995 2501-120 SYSCTL can't find message library
March 1995 How to load 3151 Programmable function keys?
March 1995 Xstation 160 - Installation/Configuration
March 1995 Question on backing up and restoring remote sys via network
March 1995 Question on the -b flag on the restore command
March 1995 Install 4.1 tape device driver from system w/out tape drive support
March 1995 AIX 4.1.X boots to C31
November 1995 How to unmirror the system disk in root vg
May 1995 Sysback Ver 3.2 Network Boot Hanging on Led C28
April 1995 What you need to Compile and Bind without being SYSADM
March 1995 GL file to JetDirect attached Plotter won't plot.
April 1995 rlogin still prompts for password if ADMCHG flag is set on server user
April 1995 Can you predict PIDs?
March 1995 How to skip a tape drive to the last file.
March 1995 How to re-map dsusp char from ctl-y to something else?
March 1995 Phantom PVid yields Sysback error
June 1995 Can't connect to databases in db2 license problem
March 1995 Sysback error with raw LVs missing LVCBs
March 1995 Sysback Fix History - and -
March 1995 What's the max V.35 cable length for the SNA Portmaster (MPQP) adapter
April 1995 SCSI Addresses for the 7135
April 1995 0403-027: parameter list is too long.
March 1995 Xstation will not boot: tftp error 6602 0711
March 1995 How to setup queue to EMULEX netque print server.
March 1995 Is AIX X.25 V 1.1 (LPP) supported on SP2?
May 1995 SP2: setup_server says en0 not in ODM
May 1995 Will Shielded Twisted pair meet Fiber Standards
May 1995 Where does device driver printf() output showup?
March 1995 Errors trying to create a network install server with sysback/6000
February 1995 Customer is having problems restoring data from a 3490e tape drive
July 1995 Performance hits for using maxdata upon linking?
December 1995 0516-418 error on "chfs..."
March 1995 Backing-up and restoring Netview/6000 maps.
March 1995 Restore files on mksysb to different directory structure
March 1995 How to set up Serial Printronics 4280
February 1995 reducevg hung / getting 0516-022 & 0516-884
June 1995 SNA and HCON questions.
February 1995 bosboot fails with 0506-210 error
February 1995 Can't restore a single file from a sysback full system backup remotely
February 1995 OpenMail ominstall [ OMINST 1 ] Cannot open Message catalog
February 1995 OpenMail "routing table or access control list version too old..."
February 1995 dd of ascii file downloaded from mainframe
February 1995 SP2: Estart
February 1995 How to configure NIS automounter
February 1995 Ridiculously long path in csh script
February 1995 Netview: ovxecho command/workaround
February 1995 NIS: automounter - variable substitution in the auto.master?
January 1995 Samples of C code using the 'lvm_queryvg' subroutine
January 1995 Question: How to fast forward to the End Of Tape (EOT)
February 1995 Error notification for LVM_SA_PVMISS
January 1995 Problems with NV Backup command
January 1995 Can't make a sysback ver full system backup
January 1995 SP2 install of a node; ptfs needed for X11
January 1995 Terminator type for SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Single Ended
January 1995 Creating a sysback Fix
January 1995 How to use doswrite to copy an AIX subdirectory tree
January 1995 using pax cmd trying to restore file from multifile
January 1995 mksysb limits
January 1995 How to create unattended FTP sessions.
January 1995 bootp server, secondary bootp server setup
February 1995 1831-367: NIS makedbm error, entry too large
December 1994 How to change the password prompt at AIX 3.2.5
April 1996 How to get switch response from every node on the sp2
December 1994 Problem: Workbench/netls
December 1994 UxSetSubprocClosure causes AIC compile error in ANSI mode.
December 1994 SP2: Host responds all red
January 1995 Going from NetView 2.1.1 to NetView for AIX 3.1
December 1994 workbench: RAS file failure, could not open in softdb
December 1994 Printing PJL commands
December 1994 HP JetDirect printing error W2 invalid pers. on HP4+ printer
December 1994 Getting missing header block errors with sysback ver 3
January 1995 stop_server order is same as start_server
December 1994 Question about the unique_id structure and lvm_querylv
December 1994 pax command not restoring ownerships correctly
December 1994 problem relating to aic/ geometry problem
June 1996 How to resolve symbol references at runtime
December 1994 VISUAL QUERY MANAGER/6000 (*See note
December 1994 Builder crashes when passed 64-bit double integer
June 1995 X3270 Segmentation Fault for various users.
November 1994 CMVC: Need help getting CMVC up and running.
April 1995 Having trouble with aic
April 1995 Xstations wont boot over fddi.
November 1994 AIX 3.1.5 rsh giving 0826-813: permission denied
November 1994 Sysback Fix History -
March 1995 Sysback Fix History -
November 1994 How to add entries to errtmplt, and errlog
November 1994 DCE: dts daemon not started
November 1994 Missing printer screens in smit
November 1994 Can I create 18 track tapes with my 3490
November 1994 Can HCON LUT3 defined printers print greater than 80 columns wide?
October 1994 Workbench: global inheritance graph & C++ browser
October 1994 reinstall from SysBack boots to LED 554
November 1994 trying to create text form p.s roff giving error
October 1994 Lan streamer card: Is is supported?
November 1994 howto: dce cdscp create link command
October 1994 Needs pinouts for Xstation serial "Y" Cable
October 1994 cancel a remote print job using rembak, not working
October 1994 CVMC: Is there a way to look at all prereqs for a release?
March 1995 X.25 not working after loading Netview
October 1994 How are profiles xinit & xinitrc executed
October 1994 ascii/ebcdic/ibm conversion tables for the dd command
October 1994 CMVC problem with the level check and the level commit process.
October 1994 Wants to know the difference btw ver2 & ver3 sysback
October 1994 How to make "uname -S NAME" permanent
October 1994 /usr client will not reboot c29, c31 and c34
October 1994 Does AIX have an equivalent to the truss command?
October 1994 How to read in colon delimited file in Korn Shell
November 1994 srcmaster was killed. Having problems.
October 1994 x-windows executable errors w/ "sm-underscore"
September 1994 Trying to install 3.2.5, Getting LED C32
September 1994 Cables for back-to-back ATM connection
March 1996 prob w/static consrtuctors on link
October 1994 AIX snmpinfo queries error out
October 1994 Need to increase /usr: df & SMIT show different values
September 1994 netmond keeps dying
September 1994 HACMP:stop_server script is failing on ed command.
September 1994 trying to install x11 windows
June 1996 Can't start cmvc daemons. db2 used.
October 1994 Procadam install, now no Xwindows
September 1994 Needs help installing a 3.2.5 upgrade
September 1994 Need to convert cpu minute comparison.
January 1995 Netview - trapd -p
September 1994 SP2: output of uptime command is showing unusual time
September 1994 Can't run update_all with sna 2.1 on the system
October 1994 Netview - MIB Data Collection
September 1994 Problem printing .sh_history because printing to PS queue
September 1994 0514-209 bosboot failed return code 50
November 1994 How to check for compilers.
September 1994 AIX DCE client config to OS/2 DCE Server gets "clock skew too great"
September 1994 How can I restore certain files from tar
November 1994 Howto extend ticket lifetimes in DCE
August 1994 How to plan 128-port adapter?
October 1994 NetView - Can't Communicate With SNMPD
October 1994 malloc, calloc, PSALLOC & memory usage
September 1994 Locating Encina error messages
August 1994 Trying to get syslog to log info about sendmail
August 1994 Can't make sysback boot tapes since upgrade to 3.2.5
August 1994 question about sysback
August 1994 Installing multiplexer 128 port printers
August 1994 authentication failure when mounting NFS filesystems in PCs
August 1994 help with tar
August 1994 Client is having problems doing a tar backup to a tape.
August 1994 41 meg file shows as 2 megs through df.
August 1994 No form feeding when printing multiple files at once.
August 1994 59H can't install using a Fast and Wide SCSI adapter
November 1994 DCE: How to extend certificate life time
August 1994 Problem creating logical volume using partition map.
August 1994 cfgrentape: remote access denied when trying to setup sysback
August 1994 questions on smp verses mpp
August 1994 Mounting a file system changes ownership of mount point
May 1996 CMVC is crashing on 3.2.5
August 1994 How to limit filesystems backed up by mksysb
September 1994 Have an exit 1 in a primary authorazation not stopping login
August 1994 Can sysback span multiple volumes of tapes in cron.
August 1994 Getting opsys error #13 after trying to access techlib
August 1994 Can't boot off of my 3.2.5p tape.
August 1994 My tape drive is defined after a failed install
August 1994 ENCINA: 1 F ENC-trc-0026: The abortModuleName called outside onAbort
August 1994 Can not enter a transparent print on string
August 1994 How to set PATHs for Xstations when using Xdesktop
August 1994 putmsg undefined in libtli.a
July 1994 TFTP is not working.
July 1994 tar issues: restoring files to a different directory
July 1994 XSTATION: Reserved Memory and Fragmentation Threshold
July 1994 Host doesn't have line printer access 0781-228 & 0781-088
July 1994 UUCP not tranfering files
July 1994 How do I restore files from a SPO tape.
July 1994 problem reading tar tape from SCO unix
August 1994 How to setup NFS paging space for use on local machine
August 1994 PowerDisplay 17 monitor want to enable 'full' Aixwindows
June 1995 Adjusting sendmail delivery timeout for many hop-counts
August 1994 xstation 150 comes up with windows 50% of normal size.
December 1994 Help Installing xlf 3.1
July 1994 What is the maximum SDLC data rates on the AIX MPQP adapter?
August 1994 Need help backing up database
July 1994 What fonts and pitches are available for HP4
July 1994 Telnet login refused periodically - cause: Duplicate IP address
July 1994 tar restore generates 0511-188
July 1994 System down with a dirty superblock on /var.
July 1994 WorkBench: Action/Print not working on Development Manager
July 1994 Need help with the poll command.
July 1994 Using Techlib CD, InfoExplorer gives 0575-005, No Libraries Found.
July 1994 Must I install InfoExplorer on disk so I can view Techlib from CD?
June 1996 How can I commit a level in CMVC
July 1994 RAID can we use the 3001 remote power and control feature with a 590?
July 1994 DCE/ENCINA: "ppcadmin query stats" enc-ppc-0007: allocation failure
October 1994 arp, ping between 6000 and PC's running Novell LAN Workplace for DOS
July 1994 How to get diagnostics diskettes or the diagnostic CD-ROM?
July 1994 Techlib installed, softcopy help not available in smit
August 1994 Need help setting up remote queue.
July 1994 Questions about mirroring
July 1994 Questions on Raid.
July 1994 You are get lexical errors installing PTF U428228
July 1994 Problem running InfoExplorer with font error
June 1994 unable to access man pages: receive: 0703-203 - cannot open database
June 1994 infoexplorer: window maximize will not restore
July 1994 problem with 3812 printer, crosshatches
June 1994 Having problems bringing up Netview Service Point
September 1994 Netview - Trap Incorrect community name
July 1994 How do I determine what OS level I'm at?
June 1994 Unable to change resource through resource file.
July 1994 Lexical errors installing U428228
July 1994 Two filesystems will not automount.
June 1994 MTU size smaller when going through router
August 1994 How to configure system to recognize mail adressed to user@domain?
June 1994 6252 impact writer, Communication check, status 0029
July 1994 need to print to file and printer from LU
June 1994 blocking timer interupts for the connect function
June 1994 Powerdesktop customization
June 1994 0706-005 check pathname or permission
July 1994 Logical Volume sizes don't add up in SMIT.
June 1994 changing arrow key functionality at command line
September 1994 Unable to boot across network with 6611 router from Xstation 130
June 1994 Assigning a tty number to a specific terminal server port.
June 1994 NETWARE: Can I add a second print server to netware?
June 1994 Program is not picking up trap for SIGPIPE when connection breaks
July 1994 DCE: DTS time sync from an internet NTP server
September 1994 strconf and ioctl problems.
June 1994 Problem checking STREAMS configuration using strconf
July 1994 Unable to execute rsh command
July 1994 using nis/nfs; users login and put into /usr/guest.
July 1994 Broadcast packets sent every 30 seconds.
June 1994 After a restore from a mksysb could not get my termials up
July 1994 Upgraded to 3.2.5 and I removed /usr/lpp/info/En_US by accident.
June 1994 Script to restart Netware print server
June 1994 What is the difference between the FDDI 2720 and 2724?
July 1994 How to move a Logical Volume accross volume groups.
June 1994 Connect a printer to token ring
June 1994 PCNFS Authentication Problems
July 1994 Error listing volume groups
July 1994 Can't import volume groups after preservation install.
July 1994 Conversion from 3.1.5 to 3.2.5
June 1994 Using Infoexplorer from the Techlib CD, getting queue underflow error
July 1994 If a mirrored disk goes bad do I get a message?
June 1994 remote RAN on UDS V.3229 sync MODEM does not come up as defined
July 1994 Permissions questions under /usr/lpp/bos.
February 1995 NFS files permissions problem
May 1994 How to prevent root from logging in directly
July 1994 How to I get information off of a mksysback tape?
June 1994 channel attachment not working
June 1994 AIC text field different after upgrade
June 1996 Can't get fortran to link in files.
September 1994 tar questions / hacmp questions
May 1994 How can I specify the path of the back end output file
May 1994 Questions on ECA 142
May 1994 CRSH/LVM: Problems allocating PP's from disk drive
May 1994 System does not boot from bootable tape
June 1996 xlC-0706-317:Unresolved or undefined symbols
May 1994 Getting extra characters using HCON after telnet
May 1994 Where is the /usr/lib/libxlf.a file for CAD software.
May 1994 How to determine if process is still running.
May 1994 After upgrade to 3.2.5, getting font errors on xstations with info
May 1994 C++: Source file "va_list.h" cannot be opened.
May 1994 0512-021 mksysb may not have been able to archive some files
May 1994 3270 emulation with 3151 terminal using tn, tn -e 3270, or telnet.
July 1994 ENCINA for AIX 1.1.2 _wait scripts and sfs import documentation
May 1994 problems creating mksysb with exabyte 10e tape carousel
September 1994 tftp permissions: Error 0: permission denied
May 1994 Using "lvedit" to create LVs with specific PPs
May 1994 post and pre events not being run on HACMP
May 1994 Can Infoexplorer be viewed from a Techlib CD?
July 1994 COBOL: Open Fail error on AIX
June 1994 My pretty print in infoexplorer is wrapping too much
May 1994 Can't run netls after changing planar CPU or use ls_admin
May 1994 Sendmail not sending mail
May 1994 System down with LED 223/229.
May 1994 Verify Configuring NetLS, also "could not add vendor" message
May 1994 Sendmail error log messages
June 1994 X11R5 - xcalc does not display properly after upgrade.
May 1994 HANFS: Does it work with the 9333 serial drives
May 1994 How many SLIP connections can I have on a single machine.
May 1994 Question about changing the tty numbers.
May 1994 AIC: executable cannot find libC.a
April 1994 What should be purchased to setup twin-tailing on a 520?
May 1994 Data loss when printer taken off line.
May 1994 AIC/Motif: Dialog box disappears when pushButton clicked.
April 1994 Can you use a optical disk drive as a CDROM
April 1994 Booting off of a mksysb hangs at c31 with nothing displayed.
May 1994 DCE: sec_clientd: unable to validate machine context
April 1994 Questions on 7135 RAID
April 1994 How do I print to a terminal server?
April 1994 Ordering my disks on 2 controllers for maximum performance.
April 1994 COMM: after PTFs, getting led 581 0c9 888 102 700 0c0 on reboot
April 1994 How can I configure tty for autobaud ?
June 1994 Trying to reorganize my rootvg volume group.
April 1994 LED 553 after a reboot
April 1994 hacmp questions
August 1994 aixterm, terminfo, Exceed, boxes, colors, and accucobol !
April 1994 Can the message header in SDE's SoftMail's be filtered?
May 1994 Performance problem on the 128 port adapter with Cray Modems
August 1994 SLIP at 38400bps
June 1994 Link problems compiling streams test program
April 1994 How to setup RISC to microVAX printing
April 1994 How to tell the kernal debugger is loaded and how to remove it?
June 1994 4019 Laser Printer, condensed printing, and font cards
April 1994 RS 422 on Model 220
April 1994 How can read a tape made on an AS/400 machine?
April 1994 Need help tuning TCP/IP performance on Serial Optical and Ethernet
July 1994 Intruder on the system. Security violation.
April 1994 umask permissions
May 1994 Machine hangs after configuring devices.
April 1994 How to use SMIT to set kernel-locks.
January 1995 Problems pinging other RS/6000 machines from a brand new install.
April 1994 DNS Zone Transfer Fails with Master Unreachable error
April 1994 3004-687 & 628 errors when adding user in SMIT
May 1994 Unexpected results using the return Korn shell built-in
April 1994 XLC errors with encryption routines
July 1994 Adding another softtype to SDE WorkBench/6000
April 1994 mksysb did not backup a mounted /u filesystem.
May 1994 DCE and Encina error messages during configuration
April 1994 Configuring tty or lp device showing "defined".
July 1994 Significance of the Administrative User when creating a user in SMIT
May 1994 Problem concerning time zone change and other applications.
May 1994 Encina servers output of standard error
April 1994 hcon: can ctl-c that takes session to an aix shell prompt be disabled?
April 1994 No Xwindows when not logged in as root
April 1994 AIC method: errors
May 1994 Need DCE to co-exist with NCS (NetLS is used).
April 1994 FTP permissions
April 1994 Can I set properties with c++ functions in AIC
April 1994 How do I prevent losing data with printer offline (as a tty)
July 1994 'ar: 0707-011 not enough memory' upgrading from 3.2.3 to 3.2.5
March 1994 Skyway graphics adapter on Power 250 with 5081 display
April 1994 Cannot configure the xt2 (TCP/IP) interface on my 3rd AIX X.25 adapter
April 1994 What is the source of errors on my tr0 Interface? netstat -I tr0 5...
June 1996 MFCobol and C++ static constructors and destructors
April 1994 Having problems with RS 530: 1820-037 error internal system error
March 1994 can vi but can't print files
April 1994 How To: Configure Ethernet
March 1994 Unable to read DOS Wordperfect diskettes
April 1994 Using syslogd facilities in a C program
March 1994 Can't get M20 to boot
April 1994 How large is my rootvg VGDA?
September 1994 Problem on an Xstation 140 updating flash.
April 1994 AIC Interface Composer not working with WorkBench
April 1994 Thinks hdisk is going bad.
October 1994 Automatic switching mode on 4019
April 1994 Unable to create a filesystem.
July 1994 Cannot restore from mksysb made with HACMP and CLVM.
March 1994 Xerror of failed request: bad window(invalid window parameter)
March 1994 PRN/TTY Printer not printer correctly
March 1994 Problems finding include files in other than /usr/include directory
March 1994 Getting logged out at a 3151 when running various commands.
March 1994 0503-027 inutoc:.... installing for future installation.
May 1994 DCE error - requested key is not available with Encina PPC Gateway
March 1994 Trouble getting palette widgets displayed in AIC compiled code.
March 1994 Questions on CMVC (Configuration Management & Version Control)
March 1994 Can you have multiple sessions on IBM 3151?
March 1994 C++ compilation flags for other platforms
July 1994 Failed 3.2.5 update from CDRom
March 1994 Setmaps errors
March 1994 Invalid rulesfile [Power.dt] error
March 1994 I am need to know to use the uxcgen in AIC to generate c++ code.
June 1994 Questions on setting up RAW LV
May 1994 PERFORMANCE: I am losing memory blocks
June 1994 Question on difference in sizes of LVs and filesystems
June 1994 Oracle installation fails due to libkidn.a library.
March 1994 Can I use twisted pair ethernet without a hub?
March 1994 sx6/pmr 6x945/call customer/Item H3676/
March 1994 CMVC:Need license password.
June 1994 Error 0514-519 trying to tar off some files.
April 1994 Stale PPs and syncvg does not help
March 1994 Can I print a document with current time a date as header?
March 1994 Flag to force a program to compile as C++ instead of C
March 1994 What is the RAN terminator part number?
March 1994 How do I create a term info file?
March 1994 I need help with programming in C
June 1994 How do I install fortran.rte on my system?
March 1994 linker/loader and shared libraries (C, C++).
March 1994 How can I change the window borders and title bar colors?
May 1994 Model 220 - IENT_ERR4 Error with AIX 3.2.3
March 1994 Help with showps command.
March 1994 What can I do about En on my RANs.
March 1994 debugger can't find temp file made by the compiler
May 1994 Restoring /etc after I removed it.
March 1994 yacc stact overflow trying to convert awk to perl.
April 1994 Problem with telnet session, cannot send break to the RISC.
March 1994 SE cannot login to a non-default host from an X-Station
March 1994 problem after upgrade to 3.2.5 of printing functions.
March 1994 HCON/SNA: Getting blank screen when starting HCON session
March 1994 (PHIGS) 0706-317 - undefined or unresolved symbols
May 1994 How can Hayes commands be sent to a modem on AIX 3.2.any_level?
April 1994 Filesystem sizes of df and smit do not match.
April 1994 Unable to access a special device file error message.
March 1994 Cannot send print jobs to our primary printer
March 1994 kproc process on my HA/CMP machine.
July 1994 COBOL: Using Session Recorder
March 1994 Need to set LIBPATH to use WorkBench on 3.2.5
March 1994 What kind of connector do I need for my fddi network.
March 1994 Need to force HP LJ3 to use second paper tray.
March 1994 Can't print Quatro Pro pcl files from PC correctly to HPIII
March 1994 Security question on a "restricted ftp account"
March 1994 I am getting an error when compiling c souce code.
March 1994 will a 3532-023 ps/2 tape drive work with model 220
March 1994 How does AIX Technical Library/6000 (TECHLIB) compare with IBMLink?
March 1994 HOWTO: Configure HA/NFS (cabling, hardware requirements)
April 1994 Recover info on 8mm that is partially overwritten?
March 1994 I can't telnet to my machine more than once.
March 1994 Getting LED 851 on my M20 diskless.
March 1994 When using aic font selection, font information disappears.
March 1994 The named daemon works for only 1 or 2 minutes.
April 1994 0516-044 error when lspv'ing my hdisks
March 1994 Having difficulties getting access to my disk drive
March 1994 High Speed Modem does not stay connected at high speeds
March 1994 I need to automate FTP transfers.
March 1994 Cannot initialize DATABASE.
March 1994 Help with c compiler for sqrt and sin functions.
April 1994 How can I rename a group of files?
April 1994 Receive error 0511-195 while creating a mksysb
February 1994 My system is cpu bound. Which process is causing the problem?
March 1994 Question on increasing the size of a filesystem
March 1994 whois is failing with 'unknown host'
February 1994 Installing a PTF
February 1994 Where can I get support for REXX 6000?
March 1994 Question about xlf exit_ function
February 1994 Hostname resolution: where does it look first DNS or NIS?
February 1994 Questions about Oracle Database.
March 1994 Can't find SNA server online documentation called Dynatext
February 1994 Oracle logfiles have alternating group ownership.
February 1994 Best way to setup WordPerfect Queue
February 1994 user time-out period
March 1994 Problems remapping the key board.
March 1994 C Programming: program ran thru DBX gives segmentation violation.
February 1994 How much paging space do I need?
April 1994 NetView/6000 Printing Questions
March 1994 How to use xlC++ on networked hosts
February 1994 RISC System/6000: Problem with user logging in
February 1994 Questions on psuedo ttys and porting X-window application
May 1994 TCPIP problems with dynamic routing
March 1994 I just got a mod 250 and I get a 186 on bootup
May 1994 Service unavailable messages when sending mail.
May 1994 TCPIP routes disappearing while using "routed"
May 1994 Howto unconfigure AIX DCE 1.2
May 1995 TCPIP: need port numbers
February 1994 Need help remapping function keys F1 - F4
February 1994 C++ compatibility with parser in AIC 1.2
February 1994 Security: I would like a MOTD prior to login
February 1994 Problem with 0% idle time on a production system running ORACLE.
May 1994 DCE: wants to make ticket life UNLIMITED
February 1994 How do I Move a RAN from remote to local location?
March 1994 Dynamic linking dosn't work like on other platforms
April 1994 Netview/6000 problems following 3.2.5 upgrade
February 1994 CMVC licensing questions
April 1994 Having NFS problems
March 1994 Questions about file system internals.
March 1994 Sometimes CMVC goes away; why?
March 1994 Getting Unresolved externals errors during bind.
April 1994 Problems with creating a mksysb at 3.2.0.
February 1994 Getting AIC error 5756-561
May 1994 Howto add a principal to DCE via the Security API
February 1994 Alert Manager not starting on production system.
February 1994 Cannot do a mksysb on an AFS system
March 1994 cmvc build component tree. dotted lines between components don't show
February 1994 Unable to remote print, but can local print on both hosts.
February 1994 C++ Workbench vs SDE Workbench
February 1994 Problems trying to run C++ Workbench on 3.2.5 system.
February 1994 chsh command returns errors
January 1994 I need help customizing smit.
January 1994 The named daemon will not remain operational
February 1994 COMM: X25 using XTALK to AS400
January 1994 Need help creating install image: 503-915 error on install
January 1994 Translate to EBCDIC from ASCII problems.
February 1994 How do I find the size of a Widget in Motif?
January 1994 sysmon/6000 output interpretation question
March 1994 Need help cabling 7135 for HACMP.
January 1994 What are manual numbers for 128-port pinouts?
January 1994 How to use trace to look for signals
February 1994 Can't recover from boot logical volume problem
January 1994 Logging and Displaying events in NetView/6000
January 1994 NV/6000 - Status propagates through entire map instead of just parent.
September 1994 Xstation not starting with window manager, not exiting properly
January 1994 how to set the stty susp to none ?
January 1994 How does System Monitor pick the file that it uses when starts up
February 1994 Level/Compatibility issues for AADU.
January 1994 Problems converting from ASCII to EBCDIC with dd
April 1994 Trouble NFS mounting a drive between a PC and a RISC.
April 1994 HANFS Backup System does not takeover after Primary Failure
January 1994 InfoExplorer comes up with "no matches found".
February 1994 Need help creating icon for Power Desktop.
February 1994 Problem with setmaps command
January 1994 Problem with NetView/6000 Service Point
January 1994 DNS name resolution may impact remote printing
January 1994 Question about NV/6000.
January 1994 Netview/6000 questions
January 1994 How can I get 2 Wkstations configured with snmp.conf?
January 1994 Problem with X-Station 150 after upgrade
January 1994 infocmp for terminfo files
February 1994 New system hangs after RPC.lockd is started.
January 1994 Questions on MIBs for RISC System/6000?
January 1994 Need help separating segments on an 8250 hub.
April 1994 Need help setting up SLIP connection
January 1994 I do not want anyone to be able to ls in certain directories
February 1994 migratepv problem
January 1994 Problem copying sparse files to a new filesystem
December 1993 enq equivalent fortran routines ?
December 1993 Netview Service Point configuration problem.
December 1993 Block Multiplexer Hardware problems.
December 1993 Problems creating a file system. Not enough resources.
January 1994 I want two users to share the same mail
December 1993 TechLib Subscription
December 1993 TCPIP Configuration Problems involving HANFS
December 1993 I cannot set SNMP variables using Netview/6000.
December 1993 How do I set up transparent print off the 128 port card?
December 1993 Problems with HA/NFS
December 1993 Netview - Mismatch Link Address, Status Propogation
December 1993 Infoexplorer problems 0575-012
December 1993 qprt -m command returning errors.
December 1993 Problem unmounting NFS filesystem
December 1993 Questions on LVM.
July 1994 Cobol compiler corrupts data base if pid# is > 64000.
December 1993 Netware/6000 locks up, NVT
December 1993 Need to use an 80x25 "sized" font for my hft after 3.2.5 upgrade.
December 1993 Having a problem reading from a 4mm tape?
July 1994 Question on debugging
February 1994 Lost mouse and windows functionality with 3.2.4 install.
December 1993 Receiving error message Xinit Creating TCP Sockets
December 1993 Can't use 'talk' command on system not attached to network.
December 1993 CONSULTLINE: Problem using HONE items for sysback/sysrest
December 1993 Xstation problem after upgrade
December 1993 root cannot run info; gets segmentation fault (only root)
January 1994 When I try to run an executable, I get "Can't find libC.a".
November 1993 nfsstat, mbuf, netstat Tuning Considerations
December 1993 Info CDROM 3.2.5 (Rev 09) on an AIX 3.2.4 System
November 1993 How to configure the POP daemon for startup by the inetd Super Daemon?
January 1994 Logical volumes not being recognized
December 1993 problems removing NFS mounted filesystem
November 1993 How do I get PF3 to work on cicsterm
December 1993 User volume group is locked
December 1993 which DCE software do I need
December 1993 Help wanted with spools, backends, and faxes...
January 1994 How do I get TRACE to work on a 3151
January 1994 Need to change system kernal environments.
December 1993 Hostname and TCP/IP configuration disappear after reboot.
November 1993 Problems keeping AIX V 3.2 X.25 physical level connected.
November 1993 Please explain impact of applying a partial subnet mask
February 1994 (GENERAL RAN 128-PORT ASYNC INFO)What does a p4 on a 16 port RAN mean?
January 1994 Questions on HACMP and SCSI-2 Differential...
March 1994 Troubles with program linking.
November 1993 General NV/6000 questions
January 1994 Can I deactivate internal disk drives and use the RAID?
November 1993 Character translation from EBCDIC to ASCII
November 1993 Cannot remote print to SYS 5 unix.
November 1993 Need file stats from Fortran program
November 1993 Problem with backup and restore using scripts/cron
December 1993 Problem w/ Motif customization after upgrade to 3.2.4.
November 1993 Korn Shell script does not work when I rexec from a VM machine.
November 1993 I am getting odm doesn't match volume group descriptor.
November 1993 Cannot read from a 3480 tape drive
November 1993 Cannot boot off mksysb tape
April 1994 Trying to set up caching nameserver
November 1993 Need jumper setting for 2580 2GB Drive
December 1993 HANFS, 2 9334's, secondary server has stale file handles.
November 1993 How do I define and authorize access to a datafile in CICS/6000?
May 1994 Function Key mapping problem with Micro Focus COBOL 3.0 on Mod 360
November 1993 inconsistent return from "lscfg -vl sysunit0" command
November 1993 multiple slip, lan interfaces, causing portmap, NFS problems
November 1993 How to set up system for anonymous ftp/restricted guest accounts.
November 1993 Problem running X-Windows after 3.2.5 upgrade
November 1993 Why is it that my path is not being executed?
November 1993 Will the 'Drop Link on Inactivity' flag in SNA maintain connections...
November 1993 Lost tty configurations when installing from mksysb
January 1994 Problem compiling on 3.2.5 with xlf
November 1993 Can AIX V3.2.x read a tape written with BSD dump
November 1993 FORTRAN code failing with "not enough space"
November 1993 Need help with variable subnet masking
December 1993 Info on Global Directory Agent
November 1993 HCON SYSREQ not working on xstation 140s and 150s.
October 1993 Help is missing in info and smit
November 1993 I need help with NIS (Yellow pages)
November 1993 I can't alter my system 'mwmrc' resource file.
October 1993 Can you use nohup to ignore Ctrl-C in a COBOL program?
October 1993 creation of bosboot diskettes is failing.
November 1993 Howto create a backup fileset
November 1993 What other platforms are available to run AIX on
October 1993 What is Frame relay? Is it available on the RISC/6000 today?
November 1993 Printer problems after writing my own backend.
November 1993 3.2.4 diag changes
October 1993 Cannot get terminals to work on 128 port adapter.
November 1993 Wants info on setting up PC commands on aix.
November 1993 replace files from mksysb when all commands are gone
April 1994 Backup nameserver won't refresh.
November 1993 restoring mksysb fails after disk replacement with pax error
December 1993 General questions on CICS/6000 and Encina
October 1993 How to use xde with executables with command line arguments
November 1993 how to nfsmount infoexplorer cdrom
November 1993 How do I get AIX to do NO printer formatting?
April 1994 Six questions on DCE:
July 1994 Will the RS/6000 support a T1 running SNA.
November 1993 Filesystem does not mount at reboot because "device is busy"
January 1994 XDE - get 3 error msgs
November 1993 Need specs/info on 7051 Data Server
October 1993 Where can I find adobe curior fonts?
October 1993 Netview/6000 autodiscovery problem
October 1993 YP NIS error message, ypxfr failed 1831-479 dbm oper. on map failed
October 1993 xlc complains against static fun. decl. within fun.
October 1993 I want to keep all users except root off the system.
October 1993 How to clear out the function keys for an IBM 3151?
October 1993 Having problems running a C programm.
October 1993 FORTRAN language problem
October 1993 Using ATE and cannot use Function keys in VT100 emulation
October 1993 OSI Protocol Stack API for MMS
October 1993 Can not get a get a remote file mount to stay up.
October 1993 Where is the curses package in AIX.
October 1993 Questions about disk I/O pacing.
October 1993 Backup invoked from cron fails on AIX 3.2.4
April 1995 Several questions on Workbench
November 1993 CICS/6000 to CICS/Mainframe Function Shipping fails with DFH2236I
October 1993 Problems configuring T/R adapter
October 1993 970, ethernet, getting frequent ent_err6, ent_err2 in errpt -a
October 1993 Plotter appears to not be doing flow control.
December 1993 Getting NetWAre server not found message
February 1994 General questions using debugger on CASE Workbench.
November 1993 How can I detetmine if I have SNA Services/6000 on my system?
September 1993 Cannot read 9-track tape
October 1993 Cannot get gateway for Encina stopped.
October 1993 I can't add a jfs with SMIT.
November 1993 Some Network install questions.
October 1993 Is it possible to force encapsulation in transparent printing?
November 1993 Multiple tape output devices being created in AIX V3.1.0.
February 1994 Changing the expiration date of one user
September 1993 Can I run the restore command in the background?
September 1993 Problems with SCCS what command
September 1993 Parent process dies & child finishes before dying
September 1993 Porting code with System V Release 4 Curses to AIX Curses
September 1993 Change IBM 3151 setup programmatically
September 1993 Problem with the ctags command with the -t option
November 1993 When installing software, what does install ALL software really mean?
September 1993 How do I use signals in FORTRAN?
September 1993 I need help with my ODM
September 1993 How to get CD on an 8-pin RJ45 connector with the 128-port adapter.
September 1993 How do I read a tape file of variable record lengths?
September 1993 Questions on Fortran porting code from PC to RISC
September 1993 How can I compare tape and /usr/sys/inst.images images?
September 1993 When get into "smit" , the screen locked.
September 1993 How can I get rid of Ctrl-M in file sent from PC to RISC?
September 1993 How do I auto log off inactive users
September 1993 Cannot set the rows and columns for tty ports
September 1993 Techlib questions from xdt
September 1993 Linker complaining about unresolved symbols.
October 1993 What are the parameters for an Async I/O system.
October 1993 SDE Workbench Debugger looking for R4 libraries.
September 1993 Questions about 7207-012
September 1993 Need fixes for C++ and OSL
September 1993 3.1.7 system getting odm errors from lsps command
September 1993 ttys and printers not working after changing RANS on 128-port adapter
September 1993 Diskless clients will not boot.
September 1993 tty on the 128-port adapter coming up Defined instead of Available
September 1993 Cant get printer to work on 128-port controller
September 1993 Many questions about ILS and Kanjii Support.
September 1993 Error message when using dd to copy files to a tape
September 1993 Print screens from a 3164 to a HP
September 1993 FORTRAN syntax errors and listing in one file.
September 1993 Cannot restore files from Sysback backup
September 1993 App-defaults for aixterm-not working
September 1993 Need help with BACKUP and AT command.
February 1994 Does IBM sell a GUI builder package called Interview?
August 1993 Mail not sending a message at the prompt.
August 1993 How can I read a file from tape that was not created with UNIX or AIX?
August 1993 Can you restore specific files from a mksysb backup.
September 1993 LVM errors after replacing hard disk
October 1993 I am trying to send a char to a tty port.
August 1993 Cannot cleanly mount /home
August 1993 No login prompt when created tty port on 16-port adapter.
September 1993 Can you connect a 3480 tape subsystem to a RS/6000?
September 1993 Printer defined as tty will not print after jam unless power reset.
September 1993 Error with ipcs command.
October 1993 128 port, I want to set up printer
August 1993 awk: field $() is not correct
September 1993 Can't open more than 16 xterms, running out of PTY's
August 1993 How to change default settings on serial ports.
August 1993 How do you delete from present line to begining of file in vi editor.
October 1993 Problem with slow transfer rate with SNA Services
October 1993 Question about Autolog Script with HCON .
August 1993 Mksysb fails with error 0512-005 without asking for second volume.
August 1993 Restoring from tape with stacked backups only find last image.
August 1993 Problem setting the width of a text widget in X11R5
August 1993 How to set X-station 150 w/ 8517 to handle 1280x1024 resolution?
September 1993 Large file full of nulls is decreased with backup by name and restore.
September 1993 Can we use a both motif 1.1.4 and 1.2 with X11r5?
September 1993 How to set up remote RANS, what node number?
August 1993 Why can' t I remove a JFS (and the LV)?
August 1993 How to read data from a bootable tape?
September 1993 Question about remote printing and also about wyse and infoExplorer?
August 1993 mksysb failing on third-party SCSI tape drive
August 1993 Problem with NIS: Can't login to slave machine.
August 1993 Configuration of hdisks has become corrupted
August 1993 Where are the error codes found?
August 1993 How to write one file after another on a tape drive.
September 1993 df shows filesystems missing, lsfs shows -- for fs size
August 1993 Problem with srcmstr 0513-085 timed is not on file
September 1993 128-port slow response time.
October 1993 How do I start Network Manager 6000 automatically at reboot?
August 1993 Problem with PC-NFS and mounting filesystems - works with NIS running.
August 1993 How do I start up my cron?
August 1993 Howto make 128-PORT RAN available without taking down other users?
August 1993 Need help recovering from drive failure - missing hd5, hd7, and hd8.
September 1993 Problem getting UUCP to work.
September 1993 Malloc fails when rebooting/rebuilding from mksysb tape.
August 1993 Can the switch desktop option be disabled?
October 1993 Question on xlC.
August 1993 Need information of the configuration of modems on 128 port.
August 1993 Terminal Function keys not working using TELNET to connect to MVS/3270
September 1993 Having problems with 7209-001: formatting and exporting/importing.
August 1993 Losing access to data when mirroring between 2 disks.
August 1993 Can't read file off of mksysb tape
August 1993 Printing to a printer attached to a TCP/IP-based terminal server
October 1993 Questions about new MP/A single port adapter
August 1993 Terminals configured on a 64-port adapter do not respond.
September 1993 Problem with mail facility at 3.2.4
December 1993 Where can I get documentation for C++ class libraries
August 1993 Problems with X-station 130 locking up.
October 1993 Question about sockets
September 1993 Keyboard mapping problems after installation.
October 1993 Need help setting up Netview/6000.
August 1993 Having problems setting up remote RANs on 16 port concentrator.
August 1993 6000 filetransfer to 370 system - VSE/SP 2.1, CICS 1.7
September 1993 Questions on UUCP configuration.
October 1993 RISC System/6000 to cisco can't ping
September 1993 Problem with flow control of a modem on serial port.
October 1993 Needs help with SNA LU.2 application program
August 1993 Trying to install 128 port controller up on a remote basis
August 1993 COMP-3 field is being changed in transfer to RISC to mainframe
November 1994 Ethernet specifications on 10base2, 10base5, and 10baseT

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