What does the "free=true" mean in /etc/filesystems?

.Customer wants to know with the attribute free=true/false is for in 
.Historically, the free=true or free=false entry of an
/etc/filesystems stanza has been used by the df command when given
no arguments. If you run df with no arguments on systems supporting
the entry it will display statistics for all filesystems with
free=true in the stanza. However, AIX ignores this entry. On AIX
when you run df with no arguments, you get statistics for all
filesystems.  We leave it in for the default filesystems in case
they get NFS mounted by a system which does support the entry. The
entry is not set for filesystems created by crfs unless specifically
asked for.

Support Line: What does the "free=true" mean in /etc/filesystems? ITEM: AM1487L
Dated: August 1995 Category: N/A
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