xwindows keeps dropping when working in netview/6000


xwindows keeps dropping when working in netview/6000


ENV:    3.2.5
        NV3.1 w/U436916

DESC:   When I am working in my map, adding Location objects, doing
cutting/pasting, the machine will begin to slow down and then
suddenly Xwindows will crash.

ACT:    I had you look for a core file, we found one and ran:
od -c core 0x730|head
We saw X as the application.

I suggested that you clear your databases and restart map generation,
but you have already done that in an effort to solve this problem.

I had you bring down the EUI, it crashed Xwindows again.
Intending to start from scratch, we stopped the daemons,
cleared logs and sockets, and then restarted the netview daemons.
Then you started Xwindows and the EUI.  All worked fine.  At
one point the machine did start to slow down like it was going to 
crash, but we stopped adding locations and looked at log files
for anything obvious.  Found nothing.

I asked you to look for a file called .xerrors in your /
directory.  You found it and it had:

fatal I/O error 32 (broken pipe)  on Xserver ":0.0:\^M  after 23 
requests (22 known processed) with 0 events remaining \^M 
the connection was probably broken by a server shutdown or killed 

This prompted me to call Thejo in GRAPH queue, checked what level
of Xwindows and Motif you have:

lslpp -h X11rte.obj
lslpp -h X11rte.motif1.2.obj

Then we ran:
  echo $LIBPATH

This should have been a null response, otherwise the LIBPATH variable
is a global variable that will cause problems with applications
that don't need this path.  So we commented out the entry in 
.profile, and brought down Xwindows.  I had you logout and
login to start from scratch and eliminate all possibilty of retaining
any variables.  But the root password had been changed and you
did not know it.
We found a mksysb tape, booted in Service, editted /etc/passwd
and /etc/security/passwd, and rebooted in Normal.   The LIBPATH
variable was now null.  I suggested that you proceed as though
we have found the problem, and reopen this item if anything
similar occurs.


TEST:   none

Support Line: xwindows keeps dropping when working in netview/6000 ITEM: BA2138L
Dated: February 1996 Category: N/A
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