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Selection names, hostnames, and symbol labels can all be different



 The "IP hostname" in the IP Topology database and the Object database
 are simply the hostnames given to NetView for AIX by the operating
 system.  Whatever precedence system is used by the operating system
 (AIX) is the precedence system that applies to NetView.

 As you said, the first IP address we discover for a node is the
 IP address that we try to resolve for the node.  If we discover
 other IP addresses in that node, we don't try to resolve these
 in the event that the first IP address is not resolvable.  This
 is a feature that we hope to add to the product some time in the

 As a work-around, the only way to change the IP address to something
 that can be resolved is to delete the object then use a seed file
 to re-discover it under the resolvable IP address.

 A symbol's label depends on the symbol type.  The following chart
 helps determine what symbol labels are used with different symbol

   Symbol Type         Default Label

   Location/Internet   These symbols are created by users, and the label
                       is the label that user specifies.
   Network             If there is an entry for that network in the
                       /etc/networks file, then the network name is used.
                       If there is no entry, then the IP address of network
                       is used.
   Segment             If created by User, then the selection name specified
                       by user is used.
                       If discovered by netmon, then the label is
                       the word "Segment" with a number at the end.
                       Ex: "Segment3"
   Computer/Connector  If the first IP address discovered for that node
                       is resolvable, then the first word of the hostname
                       is the label.
                       If no hostname is available, then the first IP address
                       discovered for that node is the label.
   Interface Card      If SNMP information is availabe, then the ifDescr
                       object in the MIB is used for the label.
                       If no SNMP information is available, the the IP address
                       of the card is used.
   Connection          By default, there are no labels drawn for connection
                       If this is overridden by the user, then the IP address
                       is used.  

Support Line: Selection names, hostnames, and symbol labels can all be different ITEM: AS7647
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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