Xstation 150 booting problems from an HACMP machine


Env: AIX 3.2.5 using HACMP

Desc: Xstation 150 was working fine until the HACMP cluster was
        installed.  Once the HACMP cluster was installed, the 
        Xstation received the error that it was not connecting to
        the host machine.  Jim then proceeded to change the 
        configuration of the Xstation to reflect the change of the
        ip address of the host machine.  Once this had been
        completed, the Xstation was able to boot; however, it was
        only booting to the gray screen -- no connection to the
        host machine was apparent.

Act: After checking his configurations and determining that they
        were correct, it was necessary to ensure that all of the 
        proper daemons were running.  I had Jim execute the 
        the following command:

        'netstat -a | grep x_st'

        This command should return that the x_st_mgrd is LISTENING.
        Instead of the expected results, this command returned
        no output.  I had Jim check his /etc/rc.tcpip file to 
        ensure that the line which invokes this daemon was not
        commented out, and this line was not commented out.  After
        a short discussion with Jim, we discovered that the HACMP
        cluster was not yet up.  Since the rc.tcpip is invoked
        after the HACMP cluster is up, and the HACMP cluster was
        not up yet, the rctcpip file had never been run.  He stated
        that he did not bring up the cluster because he first
        wanted to install a couple of PTFs.  I had him execute the
        line from the /etc/rc.tcpip to manually start the 
        x_st_mgrd.  Once this command had been executed, Jim's
        Xstation was working properly.

Support Line: Xstation 150 booting problems from an HACMP machine ITEM: AH7991L
Dated: April 1995 Category: N/A
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