rm: /usr/bin/tar not removed rm: /usr/bin/cpio not removed.


  AIX 4.2
  RISC 43p

  Did a network boot from on system, and then change the input device to install
  from a different systems backup file.

  I got this error message at the start of the install:

  rm: /usr/bin/tar  not removed
  Read-only file system
  rm: /usr/bin/cpio not removed.
  Read-only file system

CLOSED by tj on 04/27/97 23:08:
Fixed in This bug was introduced when the option of 
tar was added for the system backup/install process. It occurs 
only after a network boot.

Action Plan:
  Sending sysback to the customer

Support Line: rm: /usr/bin/tar not removed rm: /usr/bin/cpio not removed. ITEM: BY8379L
Dated: April 1997 Category: N/A
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