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Can't find SNA server online documentation called Dynatext


I just purchased the SNA server package(Version 2 Release 1), and in
the user's manual that came with it, it mentions information about
online browse utility called Dynatext.  It mentions a file called
sna.brwsr.obj, but I cannot locate this file.  Where is this online
product,  or how do I get it?


Dynatext is shipped with SNA Server version 2.  It does NOT have to
be purchased separately, but it is NOT automatically  installed when
the SNA server is. When the contents of the installable media are
listed, it will be shown.  It does require about 86 Meg to be
installed.  There will be an option for Dynatext in smit after it
has been installed.  Type smit sna and choose product information.
Then choose Soft Copy Publications, and this will start the Dynatext

Support Line: Can't find SNA server online documentation called Dynatext ITEM: G9287L
Dated: March 1994 Category: N/A
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