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How to set PATHs for Xstations when using Xdesktop

Question:  I have added an application to the XDesktop but when I 
        click on the icon I get a message saying that the application
        cannot be found.  If I click on an icon to start an aixterm
        window and look at the environment variables, no environment
        variables including the paths have been exported even though
        they are defined in the user's .profile file.

        How can I set the PATHs and environment variables so that 
        they are exported to XDesktop.

        Because the customer is on an Xstation, the .profile is not 
        automatically read which sets the PATH.  In order to have it
        automatically read, the customer should add the following
        statement in the $HOME/.xinitrc file to cause the .profile to be
        read and set for the XDesktop.
          . ./.profile  

        Will also tell the customer that if they want the /etc/environment
        and /etc/profile files executed for an Xstation then the 
        files should be placed in the file:

Support Line: How to set PATHs for Xstations when using Xdesktop ITEM: L3401L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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