ERROR 514-517 while defining a 4-port multiprotocal adapter.

ENV:     Aix 4.1.4
         4-port multiprotocol adapter-microchannel architecture

DESC:   When trying to configure the 4-port multiprotocol adapter
        with the 'cfgmgr' command, the customer receives the following

        0514-517: the information provided is not adequate

        There are double entries for this mpqp adapter in the SMIT
        screens for Defining a Device Driver for the MPQP. 

ACT:    The 'lslpp -h |grep isa' command showed information about
        devices.isa.8f70. The 'lslpp -h | grep mca' command showed
        information about devices.mca.8f70.

        When the customer installed the mpqp software, they 
        installed the device drivers for both the microchannel
        and isa bus adapters.  AIX is trying to configure the
        device for both ISA and MCA - causing the duplicate SMIT
        entries and the 'cfgmgr' error message.
                To solve this problem, remove all instances of devices.***.8f70
        for both MCA and ISA.  Then install the device drivers needed
        for your bus type and run 'cfgmgr'.

Support Line: ERROR 514-517 while defining a 4-port multiprotocal adapter. ITEM: BE2014L
Dated: February 1996 Category: N/A
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