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Can not enter a transparent print on string


I am trying to put in the transparent on string and transparent off
string for terminal attached printing through SMIT.  My terminal 
type is not one found in terminfo and I do not wish to put mc4 and
mc5 attributes in terminfo.  

The help screen for the option in SMIT is incorrect suggesting that
octal values be preceded by two blackslashes (\\\\).  I need the 
values ESC-4 and ESC-3.  I have tried several variations like 
\\033 3    and \\033\\063 and this did not work.  

Ideally, I would like to do this from the command line with chdev.
I have been unable to do this either.  What is going on?


   "The transparent print on string and off string for the 64-port
    (controller) are defined via the ODM attributes, xprint_off_str and
    xprint_on_str.  The 128-port uses ODM attributes onstr and offstr."

From this, I can conclude that these are one and the same as the mc4/mc5
attributes.  Each different tty port adapter has it's own way of calling
these, as far as the ODM is concerned.  The ODM (smit) pulls default 
information (mc4/mc5) from the terminfo files.  Then...
any customization (xprint_on_str, etc.) that the user gives, is found in the
ODM.  If some values are absent, like mc4/mc5, I think ODM (smit) sets its
own default values which are derived from the VT100 terminfo file.
The terminfo files
contain the defaults, if any, but what you enter in smit (xprint_on/off_str)
will override the terminfo file settings (mc4/mc5).
You only need to specify particular values when you want to override what
is in the terminfo file.

        Your problem turns out to be that you had done a
set -o vi which was interpretting the characters that you entered
for onstr and offstr when entered from the command line for chdev.
To solve the problem:

 set +o vi
 chdev -l tty\#\# -a onstr=ESC3

 where ESC stands for actually hitting the Esc key.  The ESC3 and
ESC4 are sequences which were specific to your individual terminals
so the command will vary between terminal types.
 chdev -l tty\#\#  onstr=ESC3      (where ESC is actually the escape key)

Then, you can set -o vi again if it was set earlier.

Another method of doing pass-thru is:

mknod /dev/lpxxx c \ \

where the major and minor numbers are listed in the output of ls -l
seperated by a comma and the +32768 indicates adding 32768 to the
minor number.

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