Memory specifications for 7043 models 140 and 240


This customer has some pre-sales type questions.  He is 
considering purchasing a 43P and he has some questions.
        1.  Is the memory buffered or not?
2.  What is access time for memory expansion and the voltage 
    of memory expansion.
3.  Does memory use gold or tin leads.


ENV:  7043 models 140 and 240
.DESC:  Customer wants to know if the memory is buffered on these models, what
       the access time and voltage is for the DIMMs, whether the leads on the
       memory are tin or gold, and whether the memory is interchangeable
       between the 140 and the 240.
.ACTION:  The 7043 models use 168-pin, 3.3 volt, 60ns, dual inline ECC EDO
         DIMMs.  Both the 140 and the 240 use the same type of memory DIMMs,
         but the 240 requires that they be installed in pairs.
.         The lead material used is gold.
.         We do buffer the memory outputs to the local bus.  We also buffer
         the addresses to memory but not the control signals.  If customer is
         referring to caching data and instructions between main memory and
         the processor, then yes, the data/instructions are cached before
         reaching the processor.  If customer is referring to the path 
         between the I/O devices and main memory, this depends on the bus
         the I/O device is attached to.  The PCI bus does not buffer
         input/output.  However, the ISA bus does, by the nature of the
         architecture.  Input/output is buffered into the shared memory
         segment assigned to the adapter (I/O Port) the device is attached
.NEXT:  Closing item with customer approval.
.TEST:  None

Support Line: Memory specifications for 7043 models 140 and 240 ITEM: BQ2933L
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