after boot, hangs during login process

  AIX 4.1.x
  RISC 850 Power Series

  Customer has new machine and tried to setup the ethernet network 
  on it and it failed. He powered off the machine and now when he
  logs into the desktop, it gets to the blue screen and hangs.
  The customer is able to login using:
  The Fail Safe Login
  Search on this problem shows it to be a possible communication
 Burt had en0 and et0 configured.  When I joined in, he was in
ther process of reconfiguring en0 thru smit tcpip // further config.
I had Burt run lsdev - C |grep net which showed a PCi ethernet
adapter available in 04-C0.  I did not know what "C0" meant.

netstat -in showed a class b en0 ip and a class c et0 running.
Burt was able to ping a local host on the en0 subnet.

The routing table showed local routes for en0/et0 and a default route
for et0.   After some thought, Burt decided he wanted to remove et0
fromt he database and then change the deafault route to a host on
the en0 subnet.

I had Burt do above with ifconfig et0 down / detach and rmdev -l et0 -d.
The above removed et0 from ODM
We then changed the dwefault route thru smit tcpip // further cfg  //
static routes.

I saw no network problem.  Burt had mentioned he had the et0 and en0 
assigned the same ip address which could have caused a problem.

  Now the CDE works just fine.

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: after boot, hangs during login process ITEM: BB9184L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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