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I can't add a jfs with SMIT.


I am  running a RISC 980 on AIX 3.2.4.  Recently, I installed 6 new 
2GB drives.  I am now trying to put a file system(FS) on one of the
drives.  When I go into SMIT and try to add a FS on a mount point,
I get a group of messages that say:

mknod: Do not specify an existing file.  
0516-822:  mklv - unable to create lv 
0506-902:  crfs - cannot create logical volume

Even if I change the name of the filesystem to something more unique, 
it gives me the same error.  

Can you help me find out why I can't create filesystems?


The VG and PV appear to be fine.  We were able to create a LV on 
the VG without any problem.  The error only occurs when trying to 
add a filesystem whether its on a defined LV or not.  

We ran the following commands to see where the mknod command would be

 VG=`getlvodm -v rootvg`
 MAJOR=`getlvodm -d $VG`
 MINOR=`lvgenminor $MAJOR newlv`  (where newlv is the name of the
                                        new logical volume)
 echo "$MAJOR $MINOR"     (keep track of these \#'s)
 mknod /dev/newlv b $MAJOR $MINOR
 mknod /dev/rnewlv c $MAJOR $MINOR

These commands should point to the exact point where mknod is failing
during creating a LV.

Do the following to cleanup after the above steps.

 lvrelminor newlv
 rm -f /dev/newlv /dev/rnewlv

These commands gave us no errors.  Still unable to add a filesystem
successfully.  Researching further.


Possible solution is this:
 Since this is the first filesystem in the volume group,  no log logical
volume exists.  So, when we attempt to create the filesystem, whether
it be on a new lv or an existing lv, the attempt to create the log lv
is failing.  This could be caused by an erroneous file in /dev which
corresponds to the log lv name and thus would fail when attempting
to create the major and minor numbers.  We will need to look in 
the /dev directory for such an erroneous file.

There was an entry in /dev for loglv00.
Running 'lslv loglv00' gave us a "Device not in configuration database" error.
You moved "loglv00" and "rloglv00" to /tmp.

You then successfully created a filesystem on your new volume group
for the first time.
 You can remove the "loglv00" files from /tmp and your system should
be fine.

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