ITEM: F2113L

root cannot run info; gets segmentation fault (only root)


Level : AIX 3.2.5
Model : 580

We just got a new RISC machine.  We installed hypertext for info from
a CD-ROM.  root cannot run info on this machine.  We are running info
from the command line.  We get the initial info logo but then we get
a segmentation fault, core dump.  This only happens for root.  Info
works fine for a user on the system.  What could be the reason for this?


If a user cannot access a library in the ASCII version of
InfoExplorer, change directory to that user's home directory.  There
should be a directory named info, created when a user invokes 
InfoExplorer.  It contains various dot configuration files.  The files 
specify stuff like saved windows sizes.

Remove the .isdefs and .isprefs files.  These cause some kind of
conflict when operating system levels are changed - sometimes.

The error message received involves a segmentation fault and a core
dump.  A mention is made of "line number 113."

Support Line: root cannot run info; gets segmentation fault (only root) ITEM: F2113L
Dated: December 1993 Category: N/A
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