Hyphens cannot be used as a node name in a cluster

ENV:  4.1.5 AIX 4.1.1 HACMP Rotating Config with 2 nodes.


When HACMP started up on both nodes, both system takes over the 
resources and varies on the volume group at the same time.

Action taken:

Customer finally got his serial network working and right now he has 
just his 2 boot's 1 service adapter defined to the system.  
Customer had also elimanated his hub which was between the 2 machines 
and still when he would start hacmp on one machine and then on the 
other, both machines would take the IP address and the VG's so that 
lsvg -o showed the VG varied on on both sides.

Called customer and told him that with a single adapter network such as
he has, this type of problem is usually one of two things.  Either
there is a bad broadcast address somewhere so that each node cannot
communicate to the other that it is joining the cluster so they both
think they are the only node in the cluster, or a file is
required for the cluster manager to be able to determine the difference
between an adapter failure and a network failure.  I had him check his
hacmp.out file and it appears that the nodes do know about each other
so the problem more than likely is that he requires the file.
He will create this and give it a try and get back to me with the
results later. 

Customer called back and said that after adding a file and also
reconfiguring standby adapters into the configuration as well, the
problem was still occurring.  

After looking through the log files and the errlog output more closely
though, I noticed that he was using dashes(hyphens) in his node names.
I said that I thought this might be causing the problem and asked if
he could change that.  He made the change and then everything worked.

An environment variable set up by the clstrmgr which has the node
name as part of the variable name and this variable contains the status
of the rotating address (UP or DOWN).  The hyphens cannot be used in
the shell variable names and that is what caused this problem.

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Support Line: Hyphens cannot be used as a node name in a cluster ITEM: DQ4629L
Dated: September 1997 Category: N/A
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