Getting Opmesg errors in errpt daily against ssa

 ENV:  AIX 4.1.4  SSA Subsystem

*CUSTOMER REP:  Flemming

 PROBLEM:  Customer is getting opmesgs in his errpt daily.

*ACTION TAKEN:  Told customer that these were generated by the
run_ssa_ela script at 5:30 AM.

I told him that he could ignore them, but he wants to know what they
are.  I will run them through the decoder, and see what I can find.

I checked the device filesets, and they were at old code of 4.1.4

Device filesets.

I ran through the /usr/lpp/devices.ssa.disk/bin/run_ssa_ela script to
find out what was failing.  The only thing that it could be was the
diag command.  I had him run it from the command line.

I had him run the command diag -e -c -d pdisk0.  It returned blank.  I
then had him run echo $?.  It returned a 4.

I looked through /usr/sbin/diag to find a return code of 4.  This is
what I found.

 \# return 4 if there is another web diag session
  +399          if [ -f $lock_file ]
  +400          then
  +401                  pid=`od -t d4 -w -A n $lock_file`
  +402                  /usr/bin/ps $pid >/dev/null 2>&1
  +403                  if [ $? -eq 0 ]
  +404                  then
  +405                          dspmsg -s 4 7   +406  "
+407  Another diagnostics session is running on +408  the web browser
(PID=$pid).0 $pid
  +409                          return 4
  +410                  fi

I had the customer look for the following file
/etc/lpp/diagnostics/data/dctrl.lck.  It was there.  I had him rename
it to a .orig file.  I then had him retry the daig command.  It exited
with 0 this time.  I had him run the run_ssa_ela script.  It reported
no errors.

Apparently someone ran diags from a web browser, which created a lock
file so that no other diags could be run.  This caused diag to exit
with a return code of 4.  The run_ssa_ela script was looking for
an exit code of 0, or else it would give the opmesg error.  

Removing the lock file solved the problem.




Closing with Customer Approval

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