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Installing multiplexer 128 port printers


Installing multiplexer 128 port printers 


128-Port (128port), wants to multiplex MUX to 2381 printers.

Questions on which lines need to be high:

Need to set a line to CTS.  

Multiplex MUX

128-Port                Multiplex MUX (DCE)
rj45 connector          db 25 connector
Signal  Pin             Pin     Signal
DSR     1       \<-     8       DCD     (flow control line, altpin set now DCD)
RTS     2       ->      4       RTS     (Doesn't matter to MUX)
GND     3       --      1       Ground
TXD     4       ->      2       TxD     Data to printer
RXD     5       \<-     3       RxD     Printer messages to computer
SigGnd  6       --      7       Signal Ground
CTS     7       \<-     5       CTS     MUST be set for 6000 to send data.
DTR     8       ->      8       DTR     MUX doesn't care.

Use DTR flow control which will switch when DCD is brought low by Modem DCD,
using the altpin (alternate RJ 45 pinouts).

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