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Getting Unresolved externals errors during bind.


Customer is moving application from HP environment.  He is compiling using
XLC ++ V  He is getting an error massage saying "unresolved externals", but
the symbols are NOT external!

A: We will need, the complete error listing, the make file, and some of the code.


I am going to send you the faxes of the responses, please get to this
first thing in the morning.


We went through the faxes.  Everything seems to look OK, except the
fact that there are two public and two private sections in the class
definition.  He will get customer to see if this helps.  I will write
a test case to see if this should cause a problem.


Rearranging the public and private sections did not help.  My test
program indicated this.  We are now looking at the unistd.h problem.


I spoke with Gary Hook.  We determined the cause of the error messages
resulting from the include of \.  This file requires the
definition of mode_t which is only defined under POSIX.  They are using the
ANSI_C_SOURCE compile option, thus mode_t is not defined.  A simple test
case can illustrate this point.  

Gary is going to continue to work on the problem.  Vance is going
back to the customer with this information.  He will see where this
gets us.


The use of the "static" keyword in the CleanDatabase class declaration
means: there is one instance of this variable, global to the entire
application, and related to this class.  It does _not_ define the variable,
only declare it.  Therefore, a variable declaration must be added to
one of the C++ files to create the four missing variables.

I added these four lines

AttrCode        CleanDatabase::normalDiscardTimeCode;
AttrCode        CleanDatabase::cancelDiscardTimeCode;
AttrCode        CleanDatabase::deleteDiscardTimeCode;
AttrCode        CleanDatabase::exchangeDiscardTimeCode;

at line 43 in the file .../src/fxgwy/src/cleandb.C, removed
the corresponding .o file, and ran make.  The application linked
correctly, without error.

I have a call in to Vance Bass to explain this situation to him
and the customer.


Explained the cfront vs. xlC issue regarding the class/static
declaration.  He will take that back to FedEx.

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