ITEM: K4511L

Netview - Trap Incorrect community name

Event Card:
Incorrect Community Name
(authenticationFailure Trap)
enterprise:ENTERPRISES ( 

SPECIFIC: 0 (Hex 0)
CATEGORY: Node Configuration Events
SOURCE: Agent (A)
HOSTNAME: `hostname`
LOGGEDTIME: 06/23/94 15:01:23

Reviewed contents of the customers etc/snmpd.conf:

community       perf_bos
community       private readWrite
community       private mod590 readWrite
community       system readWrite 1.17.2
trap      public           \# AIX NetView/6000

The fact that NetView was trying to write traps to the community name
public and the community name of the system was set to perf_bos was causing
this error. Set the community name to public and issued refresh -s snmpd,
this resolved the error messages. When the Agent (a) causes the event
card to be generated it is snmpd that is generating the problem. Otherwise,
you will see the error as a Netmon error. In order to view other community
names on different network elements you can use Tools pull-down menu and
MIB Browser and put the correct community name in the community name field
to view the MIB structure. 

enterprise:ENTERPRISES ( is not the correct 
enterprise for AIX. Check whether the PTF U424404 has been
applied. This is a fix for snmpd which will reflect the correct
enterprise for AIX.

Support Line: Netview - Trap Incorrect community name ITEM: K4511L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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