restore of Sysback is missing TCPip info and Nonroot VGs


Desc:   AIX 3.2.5
        John restored a Sysback tape which contained only rootvg.
        Now, his ttys, printers, and non root volume group data are
        missing.  TCP/IP applications like NIS and NFS are failing

Act:    'lspv' lists hdisk0,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10 as part of vg1 and
        hdisk7 as rootvg.  This is correct, but none of the
        file systems in vg1 list any data.  We tried to export
        and reimport vg1, but when mounting the filesystems, there
        was no data in any of the filesystems except for a couple

        'lqueryvg -Atp' on hdisk0 etc lists lv names, but the lvs
        seem empty.  John remembers after restoring the sysback tape,
        a message was displayed stating that 'Non-root Volume Groups'
        must now be restored.'

        I finally figured out what happened.  John booted from the
        Sysback tape and chose to restore from it; at that point,
        he was presented with a Menu:

        1 Input Installation Device     rmt0
        2 Destination Disks             scsi address for hdisk7
        3 Startup Disk                  " " " "
        4 Page Space
        5 Filesystem Sizing Options
        6 Import/Create USER VGs        Create

        The last option defaulted to CREATE and was not changed
        to 'ignore or import' which caused all the information
        on VG1 to be lost.  The CREATE option should only be used
        when the backup tape contains non-root volume groups
        as well.  Instead of 'importing' vg1 after restoring the
        root volume group, vg1 was created effectively losing all
        the pointers to the data on the vg1 disks.

        The TCP/IP applications are failing because the interface
        information is lost as well.  The Cu* files do not contain
        any information about Network adapters, ttys, or printers.

Next:   John will try to restore the /etc/objrepos/Cu* files from       
        the Sysback tape and then work on restoring vg1 from other

        closing call



  Customer having problems getting token ring defined after 
  restoring from sysback backup (  After the initial
  restore none of the ttys/printers were defined (using 128 port
  controller).  The ttys/printers can back have restoring the
  /etc/objrepos/CU* files.  Still having problems with network.

  checked /tmp and found reconfig1.  This file is built by
  the system when rebooting after restoring from sysback/mksysb.
  Edited the file and removed all entries not related to the
  token ring (ttys/printers) and then executed it.  This still
  failed to bring up the network.  Ran cfgmgr and received a
  method error relating to the token ring card.
  checked and the tok0 (token ring card) was not listed by lsdev.

  Decided to reboot and this should rebuild the ODM.

  After system was rebooted, the token ring card now shows as
  available and the network came up as well.




Close Pending Callback

Support Line: restore of Sysback is missing TCPip info and Nonroot VGs ITEM: AH1598L
Dated: March 1995 Category: N/A
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