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Can't import volume groups after preservation install.


I just did a preservation install from AIX 3.2.0 to 3.2.5 and now my
two user-defined volumes are gone.  I tried to import the volume
groups, but I get 0516-044: write to internal map failed, confirm
space is available under /etc, execute varyonvg again and three other
errors.  What is wrong and how can I fix it?


"lsvg" showed only rootvg and "lspv" showed hdisk0 to rootvg and 
hdisk1, 2, and 3 as NONE.  lqueryvg on hdisk1 looked good with only 
one Physical Volume Id (PVID).  lqueryvg on hdisk2 looked good with 
two PVIDs.  There were 2 disk in one user-defined volume group and 
a single disk in the other user-defined volume group.

"df" showed plenty of free blocks for / and /tmp.  You updated 
/etc/filesystems with /etc/filesystems.old.  The permissions on /etc
and /etc/vg look good.  /etc/vg looks good with only 2 files, one for
lvdd_kmid and one vgid.

I will have to find out why you can't write to this internal map
stored in /etc/vg and call you back.

Had you try:

  \# hdf /dev/hdisk1 400 200 
  \# hdf /dev/hdisk2 400 200

and the first and last two words were non-zero value, which is good.
Now, we'll restore from your mksysb the script for varyonvg at 3.2.0.
You issued the following commands after putting your mksysb in the
tape drive

\#tctl -f/dev/rmt0 rewind
\#tctl -f/dev/rmt0.1 fsf 3
\#tar -xvf/dev/rmt0.1 /usr/sbin/varyonvg

After restoring the file he was able to import and varyon both volume
groups.  lsvg showed all the volume groups and lspv looked good as
well. Customer was very appreciative of your help.

Support Line: Can't import volume groups after preservation install. ITEM: J8366L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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