Why didn't ssp.ha install on my nodes? red host responds


Env: PSSP 2.2, AIX 4.1.4, 9076 wide nodes
Desc: Just installed a node from my cws, it reboots, it is
in the kerberos realm, working smoothly, but host responds
is red.  Checked on the node, and most of ssp installed,
but I noticed that ssp.ha was not installed.  Why not?


This condition occurs when perfagent.server is not in the 
/spdata/sys1/install/aix414/lppsource directory on the
control workstation when the node is installed.  For
PSSP-2.2, AIX 4.1.4, the version of perfagent required is  perfagent  Performance Agent Daemons & Utilities  Performance Analysis and Control Commands

You will also find by checking on the nodes (lslpp -l ssp.*)
that ssp.pman has also not installed.

To remedy:
1) nfs export the /spdata/sys1/install/pssplpp/PSSP-2.2
   from the control workstation to all nodes.
2) Make sure there is now a copy of perfagent.server in
   the directory exported in 1), and run
   inutoc /spdata/sys1/install/pssplpp/PSSP-2.2
3) dsh an nfs mount of this exported directory to all the
4) dsh an installp of ssp.ha and ssp.pman to all nodes.
5) dsh /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/syspar_ctrl -D
6) dsh /usr/lpp/ssp/bin/syspar_ctrl -A

7) host responds should now be green.

8) Put a copy of perfagent.server. in the 
   /spdata/sys1/install/aix414/lppsource so it will be
   there if you ever have to reinstall in a node.
9) inutoc /spdata/sys1/install/aix414/lppsource

Support Line: Why didn't ssp.ha install on my nodes? red host responds ITEM: BS3921L
Dated: January 1997 Category: N/A
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