SNA Server and SNA Gateway at different levels

Env: AIX 3.2.x, SNA Server all levels 
.Desc:  The following message may be seen in two places when SNA Server
       is started.  Message will be logged to /var/sna/sna.stderr
       and to the active snaservice log.
       " Warning: the level of SNA Gateway/6000 installed is 
         different than that of SNA Server/6000.  This may cause SNA 
         to fail or not function correctly.  You should ensure that 
         both products are at the same level. "
.There are three cases that will result in this message being issued:
.Case 1)  gw.sna.obj is NOT installed but is in the ODM as NONE 
         \# lslpp -l gw.sna.obj
         shows state as "AVAILABLE"
         In this case the warning message can be ignored.
         You can update ODM so that the message will not be issued
         using the following procedure as root:
         \# echo $ODMDIR >/tmp/save.odmdir
         \# export ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos
         \# odmdelete -o lpp -q name=gw.sna.obj
         \# odmdelete -o product -q lpp_name=gw.sna.obj
         \# export ODMDIR=`cat /tmp/save.odmdir`
         \# lslpp -l gw.sna.obj
         lslpp: 0504-120  There is no product in /usr/lib/objrepos, 
         /etc/objrepos, or /usr/share/lib/objrepos that matches 
         The 0504-120 indicates you have removed the gw.sna.obj
         entries from ODM and then next time you start sna you will 
         not see the warning message.
         Note: this case will not occur on SNA Server V3 product 
         levels because the product packaging has changed.
.Case 2)  gw.sna.obj IS installed but is not required
         \# lslpp -l gw.sna.obj
         will show the object in either APPLIED or COMMITTED state
         If in APPLIED State, Use SMIT to remove the LPP.
         \# smitty install_remove
         Then use the commands in case 1 to remove the object from ODM.
         If in COMMITTED state or if the SMIT remove failed, AIX 
         support can supply a script such as rm32lpp that will 
         remove the LPP from the ODM.
         Note: if you later determine you do need the Gateway 
         features you will have to reinstall from a SIPO tape.
.Case 3)  If gw.sna.obj IS installed and IS being used, apply PTF's
         so that all sna objects are at the same maintenance level.
         This is the most important case.  If these objects are not
         at the same maintenance level SNA functionality may be 
         affected, possibly to the point that failures occur.
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Support Line: SNA Server and SNA Gateway at different levels ITEM: AM0527L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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