starting DCE hangs on rpcd

The customer has AIX 3.2.5 and DCE 1.2 installed.
All DCE core components are configured on this system. When
he tries to start DCE, rpcd will hang, and the rest of the DCE components
do not get started. Running "rpcd -D" did not show any messages at all, 
when it should show some initialization messages like:

(rpcd) initializing database
(rpcd) endpoint database object id: 00476f58-cc44-1e6d-a5ff-10005a4f1664
(rpcd) got bindings:
(rpcd) listening...


Deleting the network interface (en1), removing the ethernet device
driver (rmdev -l ent1 -d), reconfiguring the ethernet as ent0 
(configure devices added after IPL), and reconfiguring TCP/IP on 
en0 resolved the problem. 

Support Line: starting DCE hangs on rpcd ITEM: AB4599L
Dated: November 1994 Category: N/A
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