ITEM: F2347L

Xstation problem after upgrade


  I've just upgraded to 3.2.4. I have one Xstation on this system
connected via ethernet (thicknet). Since the upgrade I have not
been able to come up on the Xstation.  

The 130 goes through memory test, BOOTP/TFTP packets are properly sent
and received, and the 130 does not issue any error codes.  Screen blanks,
and the copyright is displayed at the top of the screen.  Multiple-color
bars are displayed across screen, then screen goes black, and the
Xstation hangs at this point.

You have 2MB of system memory in the Xstation and 2 MB of Video memory.


The problem that you have described is a closed problem with Defect
Support.  The fonts.alias file is too big when you use X11r5, so it
overwrites part of the Xstation memory in Xstations with 2MB of memory.
The APAR\# is IX39132, and I transferred you down to Defect Support.

Support Line: Xstation problem after upgrade ITEM: F2347L
Dated: December 1993 Category: N/A
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