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Having problems with 7209-001: formatting and exporting/importing.


I have successfully added a 7209-001 to my system. I am wondering what
I need to do to remove and re-add it. Also, how do I format the
individual CDs?


A number of shell scripts come with the 7209: newvol.xmp, unloaddsk.xmp,
and loaddsk.xmp. If you modify these to reflect the correct device names
there should be no problem using them. In addition to changing the device
names, it is recommended that you increase the volume group major number
in the mkvg command to something greater than 50.

The script called newvol can be used to add a disk for the first time
to a system. The following steps in SMIT provide the same function:

        Add a Volume Group
                Volume Group Name               odiskc
                PHYSICAL VOLUME Names           hdisk5
                Activate volume group           no
                  at system restart?
                Activate volume group           no
                  after it is creation?
                Volume Group MAJOR Number       95

        Activate a Volume Group
                Volume Group Name               odiskc
                RESYNCHRONIZE                   no
        Add a Logical Volume (Volume Group: odiskc)
                Logical Volume Name             ovol
                Number of LOGICAL Partitions    66
                Allocate each copy on a         no
                  separate volume?
                RELOCATE the logical volume     no
                  during relocation?

        Add a Journaled Filesystem on a Previously Defined Logical Volume
                Logical Volume NAME             ovol
                Mount Point                     /optic

You can then run the script unloaddsk.xmp when you want to eject the CD
and use loaddsk.xmp when you want to load it onto the system again.

You also wanted to know if you can format the CD using the diagnostics
format a hard drive menu option. Yes this is possible, however you have to
be careful doing this. You will need to execute the mkdev line from the
loaddsk.xmp or newvol.xmp scripts to create the hdiskN device after loading
the CD. You can then use diagnostics to format the drive as if it were a
hard drive. You then need to remove the device, using the rmdev line from
unloaddsk.xmp. Since this CD is now totally blank, you should then be able
to run newvol on it to create a new volume group.

It really is not necessary to format the disk, however. Running newvol
on a CD should have pretty much the same effect, from a data access perspective.

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