send escape code to an epson printer


AIX 3.2.5
Mdoel c10

trying to send an escape code to an epson printer attached 
to serial port
    Env:  Aix 3.2.5
         Model C10
   Desc:  Got an epson printer that is attached to a serial port. 
        Presently, they have the printer setup at 6 lines per inch,
        because of the paper size he wants to have the printer to print
        8 lines per inch.  To do this he had to change the escape code 
        to zero, which he did, but it will not allow him to print 8 line
        per inch, he is still getting 6 lines per inch.  Now if he uses
        vi and and create a text file, then sends that text file to the
        printer it will print the 8 lines per inch.  If he sends the 
        file directly to the printer, it will not do it.


What virtual printer is he using?  Remember if he is using
'generic' or 'other' ASCII printer that NO escape codes are
sent to the remote printer.

I don't know of any EPSON virtual printers at AIX 3.2.5.  The
closest is the 6400.eps colon file that gets shipped from IBM

I believe that the EPSON escape sequence for setting the
Vertical Spacing is ESC0 - (ESC zero).  For 1/6 inch (6lpi)
it is ESC2.

One could make a simple generic ASCII queue that would select
this.  Also you might want to do pitch control.


What type of virtual printer did customer use?
        Other ASCII

This doesn't support flags as tried above.

Suggested that customer put sequence in 'ci' attribute
He had tried this, but got funny character.
Customer has put in \\330.  Suggested that
he try \\0330.  I suspect \\330 is interpreted as octal 330
instead of 33.  Testing this by printing to a file showed
this was exactly what happens.  Changed to \\0330, and
TESTED and this works fine.

Solution: ci=\\0330

Alternative one:
Add the printer as a 2381 and put the printer
in IBM 2381 mode.

Alternative TWO.  
Get a copy of 6400.eps colon file for the IBM 6400
printer which supports epson mode.

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