Problems using the SNA Server v.3.1 acopy command

SNA Server for AIX Version 3.1, AIX 4.1.4, using 'acopy' 

'acopy' is part of the APPC application suite, a set of programs that 
accompanies SNA Server.  
The user has properly configured acopy within
his SNA profiles so that he can interface with the aftpd 
application on the mainframe.  
To copy a file from the host, he specifies:

   \# acopy -u userid -p passwd luname:hostfilename

The program returns : No files were found matching search criteria.  

The system is looking for a nonexistent file because it is
appending the userID to the file.  For example, if the user's ID
on the host is tpg and the file on host that needs copying is prod.test.
The acopy command will search for  Since no such file
exists, the error message above is returned.

Append a forward slash '/' before the filename you want to copy down
from the host.  This prevents the acopy application from prefixing
the userID to the file it is searching for.

So, the full command to specify the file is as follows:

   \# acopy -u userID -p passwd -m mode NETID.LUNAME:/filename targetfile

Support Line: Problems using the SNA Server v.3.1 acopy command ITEM: AW8240L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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