General questions on the events application

Env:  AIX 3250 and NetView for AIX 31

Some general questions about the events application for NetView

1.  What exactly does the event history application load and
display to the end user?

The events application which is based on nvela shows a 
"snapshot" of what the file /usr/OV/log/ovevent.log file
is at the time you execute the application.  If you have
set a limit to this file (this limit is by default 128 KB 
and can be chaged to up to 2MB) and the application--nvela--
reaches the limit to its log file then it will save a back up
of the file called ovevent.log.BAK etc.  However, neither
of the events applications, events history or the events
applicaiton will give you acces to this file.  The backup
file is a historical file only.

2.  In /usr/OV/app-defaults/Nvevents what do maxload
and maxdisplay mean?  Essentially what is the difference?

The maxlad default setting refers to the maximum number of 
events which are loaded initially from the ovevent.log file;
while the maxdisplayed is the maximim number of events that
you have access to at one time.  Here is an example:

-The maxload is set to 500 therefore nvevents will load 
500 individual entries will be loaded from this file.
-After the application is up and running we then look at
the maxdisplayed variable and determine the number of 
events that nvevents will show at one time.  Therefore 
if I get a new event in then this one will be added to 
the front while one will be taken from the back, 
ensuring that this maximum number is always maintained.

Support Line: General questions on the events application ITEM: AP4968L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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