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Question: System monitor compatibility


SystemMonitor v.2
Under v.1 it is not compatiable with HACMP and want to verify that
the v.2. is compatiable.


D:  He has v2 of systems monitor and wants to know if he needs a ptf
to make it compatible with hacmp.

He was told he needed U435038, but this is a fix for version 1.


Act:  PTF U430564 adds the "-H" flag as an option to sysmon v1.  To
see if PTF is required for sysmon v2, you merely need to see if the -H
flag is a standard option of sysmon v2.  I checked this out and it
appears that v2 incorporated this as a standard flag.

Thus, you don't need an additional PTF add this functionality to sysmon

Here is the excerpt from the HACMP 3.1 release_notes on the matter:
 System Monitor/6000 Startup Options When Running with HACMP/6000

If you are using Hardware Address Swapping, you need PTF U430564 for
System Monitor/6000. This PTF has a fix for HACMP/6000 which allows
the sysmond daemon to be started with a "-H" flag. This will result in
opening and closing the adapter each time SM/6000 goes out to read the
status.  This allows the cl_swap_HW_address script to be successful
when executing the rmdev command after the ifconfig detach.

If SM/6000 is not started with this option, it has the ability to keep
the device (adapter) busy, thus preventing the cl_swap_HW_address
script from completing successfully (due to its inability to perform
the rmdev command).


Not In, Left Message


From the man on sysinfod (v2):

        Specifies that the RISC System/6000 high-availability option
        is being used.  This option opens and closes the device
        drivers every time information is gathered.  The default is
        that the high-availability option is disabled.

So it looks as though it is built in.

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