Tape drive is now showing up as a 9427 instead of a 7331

  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC 7012
  Tape 7331-205

  The tape drives does not show up as a 7331, but shows up as a 

  Taken from the Service Guilde  7331 Model 205  SA26-7112
  Page 3-22  

  First you must Enable the CE Menu

  1.  Make sure the library power if Off

  2.  Press and hold the Up and Down buttons on the library control panel
      Keep these bottons help down until otherwise stated in the

  3.  Press the power switch on the control panel to power on the library

  4.  Contine to hold the Up and Down buttons until the library performs
      the Power-On-Self Test (POST)

  5.  When the control panel display shows the message, Power On Selftest
      Complete, release the Up and Down buttons

  From the front Panal on the 7331 do this:
  1.  Choose Service Menu

  2.  Move one past the Callbrate Menu.  Nothing will show up, but
      it should be one past it.  Then hit the enter key on the control

  3.  Choose the Serial\# menu

  4.  As you hit the Up key you will scroll through these chooses
      9427-210  9427-211  or  7331-205
      Hit the enter key for the 7331 value

      Just keep entering enter to get past the serial id part

  Closing with customer approval


Support Line: Tape drive is now showing up as a 9427 instead of a 7331 ITEM: BV2785L
Dated: March 1997 Category: N/A
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