Remote printer support problem to KNET printer


Desc:Customer has two system one Medic the other Irving1. He has
printer connected to Irving1 if he prints from Medic to Irving using
remote queue using lpr command his print job will not print. The
job goes into queue but will not print. If he use lp command it prints
Act:I tried printing using lpr here and it printed fine. I check 
permission on lpr,they were ok. I will research. He will have his 
vendor change his application to use lp instead of lpr.

Desc:Customer cannot print remotely to RS6000. The print jobs go to 
queue on RS6000 but will not print.

lpr does automatically generate -Bgn flag which is different from
the lp or enq command defaults.

Disabled the server queue, printed from the remote client with
both the lp and the lpr commands using the application commands.
Found that the qdir showed the following additional flags being passed
with the lpr command
-Hirving3, -i0, -w132, -Bgn.

Tried 'qprt -Hirvings -i0 -w132 -Bgn -Pqueue /etc/hosts.
This did not print.  Would tend to indicate problem is in flags.
Unlikely that i0, or w132 would cause the problem., but we
will try and send  with these commands.  

qprt -i0 -w132 -Pqueue /etc/hosts    did NOT print,
lp -d did print.
qprt -w132 -Pqueue /etc/hosts           did NOT print.
qprt -Pqueue /etc/hosts         did print.
lpr -Pqueue /etc/hosts          did NOT print.
qprt -c -Bgn -Pqueue /etc/hosts         did NOT print.
qprt -Bgn -Pqueue /etc/hosts            did  NOT print.

medic1 is a LAT printer.
lsque -q medic1
        device = medic1
lsquedev -q medic1 -d medic1
        backend = /bin/ksh /usr/knet/database/medic1

3RD PARTY terminal server.
cd /usr/knet/database
vi medic1
   cat $@ > /dev/medic1

The cat command is an extremely poor backend because it not
only doesn't like flags, it doesn't give any error when you send
it one.  It only FLUSHES the job.

NEXT: Removed existing queue.
rmquedev -q medic1 -d medic1
rmque -q medic1
NEXT: Created a new virtual printer
   1. Local Host
    Choose appropriate printer. - other ASCII
        queue name = medic1
   select medic1
NEXT: Pointed the virtual printer at the named pipe /dev/medic1   
vi /etc/qconfig
    find medic1 - /medic1
     change file=/dev/lpx to file=/dev/medic1

lpstat -vmedic1 shows READY.
lp -dmedic1 /etc/motd
This did print.
Now go to the other side - try the lpr just like application does.

This worked.

NEXT: Closing.

Support Line: Remote printer support problem to KNET printer ITEM: AL8448L
Dated: August 1995 Category: N/A
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