How to display message in Message line on 3151 - WYSE emulation?


How to display a message on top of the monitor/screen. Term caps
on a model 570 with 3.2.4


ENV:    AIX 3.2.4, RISC 570, IBM 3151 terminal

        Customer has messages such as CAPS or PRINTING display
in the corner of his screen and he would like to be able to
send other messages to this message bar from his RISC.


For a normal ibm3151:
To send to the message to the screen, simply embed the command
between ESC=messageESC=.
Had the customer add the following to a file:

In insert mode - ctrl-v esc = message ctrl-v esc =

When the customer tried this, he got the message in the bottom
right part of his OIA (operator information box) on the 3151, but
it should be on lower left.  Problem is he has a WYSE emulation

How is this done for a WYSE cartridge:
Looking in the wyse cartridge manual, the customer found that
the sequence was: ESC F message \\n  This now worked for
the customer.  To remove the message, just write spaces over
the top.  This can be emplemented from C with printf ("\\33Fmes\\n");

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