0888 0006 Sense code trying to start session.

Env:    SNA Server 2.1.2  Token Ring  MQSeries  CICS.

Desc:   The customer is trying to use the Ping option with the
        MQM that allows users on either side (host or RS/6000) to
        ping the other side.  The customer said that they are 
        able to ping the RS/6000 from the CICS side, but they
        cannot ping from the RS/6000 to the CICS side.

Act:    I had the customer try to start the session manually
        from smit and it failed.  So it appears that the problem
        does not reside with MQSeries or with the Ping command.

        I had the customer look in his LU6.2 profiles, and he did
        not have an partner LU6.2 location profile.  The rest of
        his profiles looked correct.

        I had the customer add the LU6.2 location profile and start
        an link station trace.  The attempt to start the session
        failed again.  The .sum trace showed a bind and then an
        unbind from the host.

        The snaservice log had the following sense code:

        0888 0006

        Which is:

        Name Conflict:  The Specified DLU real network name is known,
                but is a duplicate resource.

        I had the customer look in his VTAM and CICS definitions
        and he had the appl namd and ACBNAME different.  He was
        using the appl name as the partner LU name in the SNA profiles
        on the RS/6000.  I had him use the ACBNAME as the partner
        LU name.  The session started and the ping command now worked.

Next:   Problem solved.  Customer agreed to close the item.

Support Line: 0888 0006 Sense code trying to start session. ITEM: BB1431L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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