Adding a remote printer on 4.1


Trying to add a remote printer on AIX 4.1.x.


     AIX 4.1.x  


     Customer wants help setting up a remote printer queue.


     SMITTY printer
        Print Spooling
          Add a Print Queue
             remote               Printer Attached to Remote Host
             Standard Processing 

The name of the queue, hostname of the remote server, and the name 
of the queue on the remote server were then filled in.

'lpstat' showed that the queue was READY.

Tried sending a job and the queue went to a CONNECT state and then 

Make sure you are able to ping the printer.  Was not able to do this.
The printer is on the other side of a router which was pingable (router). 
Checked the /etc/hosts file and discovered the wrong IP address for 
the printer was entered.  Changed this, enabled the queue, and the 
job printed.

Support Line: Adding a remote printer on 4.1 ITEM: AU6763L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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