Reducing hd6 at 4.1.x


Env:    4.1.2.

Desc:   Trying to remove hd6 so that he can recreate it smaller.
        Had gone through the documented procedure for version 3.2, but 
        "rmps hd6" failed with these errors:

0516-1008 rmlv: Logical volume hd6 must be closed.  If the logical
        volume contains a filesystem, the umount command will close
        the LV device.
0517-061 rmps: Cannot remove paging space hd6.

Action: \# sysdumpdev -l  :  primary dump device is /dev/hd6
        \# sysdumpdev -Pp /dev/sysdumpnull

        The customer could now remove hd6.  

        One major difference between AIX version 4 and version 3 is 
        that the default dump device at version 4 IS NOT hd7; it is
        hd6, the default paging space.  This was done to preserve space
        needed by the AIX operating system.

        If the primary dump pointer is assigned to /dev/hd6, then it
        must be reassigned before hd6 can be removed and recreated.
        After recreating hd6, the pointer can be reset with:
        \# sysdumpdev -Pp /dev/hd6

        Another dump device can be created named "hd7" at version 4.

Next:   Close.

Support Line: Reducing hd6 at 4.1.x ITEM: AH9645L
Dated: April 1995 Category: N/A
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