Getting CMVC error 0010-256


   Env:         AIX 3.2.5, CMVC 2.3
   Desc:        Yesterday we mirrored an Informix database.  Today
                when we tried to add a CMVC user, we got error
                0010-256.  The documentation suggests a network
                problem, but the network is fine.  In order to
                mirror the database we had to export and import it.
                Could this be the cause of the problem?
   Action:      Queuing to B3LANG.
   Next Action: Awaiting call from B3LANG.  Naomi can be reached at
                her tie line, 637-7073.
   Test Case:   None


Naomi called back saying that no one has gotten in touch with
her.  I noticed the item hasn't been assigned to anyone so I'll
page the B3lang group and ask that someone look at it.  Naomi
can be paged at (616) 480-7267.


D:  Paged Naomi with the SE Support 800 number.


D:  Reviewed error message in docs; will discuss further with Naomi
when she calls.


Desc:  Transfer to Gary.


D:  When the mirrored database was imported, the logging was not
turned on automatically.  Naomi ensured that logging was exactly the
same as the original source database; this had to be done manually.
Once this was accomplished, the CMVC access worked fine.

A:  Closing as resolved.

N:  Save as library item.

Support Line: Getting CMVC error 0010-256 ITEM: AL1332L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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