Using 'cu' to automate pager messages.


Set up a TTY one way, but it quickly changed to another way.


Env:   Aix 3.2.5
       Multitech modem

Desc:  Customer is having a problem with 'cu' changing the parity and
       number of bits on a particular tty.

Act:   After some searching I found the -e flag for 'cu' which will
specify even parity when using 'cu'.  The customer tested this and he
said the number of bits was also unchanged.  The customer had some
additional questions about the uucp files.  He wants to use the uucp
files in order to do some simple pages to his field.  I suggested the
following entries in the various files.

Systems file:

pager Any ACU 1200 \ \\d\\r\\r ID= M\\r ID? \ essage: Database_
   is_down ""
ACU tty15 - 1200 paging
paging   =,-,    "" \\dAT\\r\\c OK \\pATDT\\T\\r\\c CONNECT1200

The customer will try these out and give me a call if he needs any help.

Next Action: WOCB until 10/12, else cwca



Env:   same

Desc:  Customer is still having problems automating the call script.
It gets all the way to where you would send them the two \\r's, and 
starts in with garbage.  

Action:  The garbage looks like a parity or baud mismatch, but when
he disconnects from that try the port is still 7 and E.  I'm having
the customer fax me a copy of the Systems and Dialers as well as the
cu -e -d systemname output.

Next Action: Wait on FAX, give him a call with status tonight.


Env: same

Desc:  I recieved the fax from the customer. 
 Action: The system file chat script wasn't working, because 'cu' doesn't
use the chat script.  I had the customer try with a uutry, and with
a few minor modifications ( changing \\r to \\r\\c ) everthing worked.

Next Action: Cwca


Closing with Customer Approval.

Support Line: Using 'cu' to automate pager messages. ITEM: BA4637L
Dated: October 1995 Category: N/A
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