Problems printing CMVC files.


ENV: AIX 4.1.x

DESC: I sent this cmcv file to a ascii printer and the boxes
and lines did not print out correctly. It is a 4029 laser printer.

ACT: This printer supports several types of output, PS, PCL, GL,
and ASCII.


Customer can't print box characters at AIX 4.1 that previously
printed at AIX 3.2.

This is because the default code page for AIX 4.1 changed
from IBM-850 to iso8859-1.    This can be changed back to 
IBM-580 by changing the virtual printer X attribute.

choose the queue

Now box characters print.

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Support Line: Problems printing CMVC files. ITEM: AM2149L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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