Using the optional diskette drive on Xstation 160

        How can a user access the floppy diskette drive on the Xstation 160?
What purpose does it serve?


The Xstation 160 optional floppy disk drive can be accessed
through local setup menus on the Xstation.  Use the
ctrl-alt-backspace key sequence at the gray X server window,
or during an X session to access the menus.

There is a local ftp client running on the xstation which allows
for files to be transferred to/from the local floppy disk.  This
client requires a preformatted DOS diskette to ftp files to/from
hosts on the network.  All access to the floppy drive is provided
through these local setup menus on the xstation.

To access the floppy drive from the main menu simply click on the
button labeled "Diskette Drive".  The next menu will prompt you for a
host on the network to access, a login name and a password.  After
the connection is made you will see a list of the files on the
remote host's hard disk as well as a list of files on your local
floppy disk.  Then use the menu buttons to transfer files to/from
your DOS diskette.

Please note, all files will be written using the doswrite command
with no flags.  If you plan on accessing diskette with an RS/6000
floppy drive, it must be read using the dosread command.

Support Line: Using the optional diskette drive on Xstation 160 ITEM: AH5895L
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