/usr/sbin/mkvginfo[35]: minsize = Cannot / 1024 + 1:


Environmnet:  AIX 4.1.4 
              RISC 520

Description:  When performing a full system backup  using this command:
              sysback -f /dev/rmt0 vg1 vg2

              I received the following error.

  Generating volume group information ..

    /usr/sbin/mkvginfo[35]: minsize = Cannot / 1024 + 1: 
   0403-008 The number of parameters specified is not correct.

        Unable to create volume group data file!


  The error is occuring from the data returned by a df command called
  from the /usr/sbin/mkvginfo script.  To test issue the 'df' from the
  command line.  If a failure occurs you will see the following error 

  Filesystem     used  iused  %iused  Mounted on 
  df: 0506-001 Cannot get mounttable information.
  df: 0506-002 There is not enough memory available now.

  /dev/hd4        98304    11328     89%        1719       7% /
  /dev/hd2      1851392   103256     95%       31528      14% /usr
  /dev/hd9var     32768    13368     60%         510      13% /var
  /dev/hd3       245760   177832     28%          84       1% /tmp
  /dev/hd1       131072    71776     46%         176       2% /home

  The cause of the message is from a bad message in the message
  catalouge for En_US.

  \#echo $LANG

  If LANG=En_US then to fix problem do one of the following:

  Option A is to remove the invalid message catalouge:
    1. cd /usr/lib/nls/msg/En_US
    2. mv

  Option B is to copy the message catalouge from another language:

    1. cd /usr/lib/nls/msg/En_US
    2. cp ../en_US/ .

  Option C is set languague to C so that sysback will not set LANG:

    1. export LANG=C

This corrected the problem

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: /usr/sbin/mkvginfo[35]: minsize = Cannot / 1024 + 1: ITEM: BN0253L
Dated: August 1996 Category: N/A
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