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authentication failure when mounting NFS filesystems in PCs


TCP/IP and NFS are now configured ok, but he has filesystem exported from 
6000, getting permission denied when he tries to mount the filesystem in
DOS PC with Chameleon TCP/IP.

When pcnfsd is active on the NFS server, it will prompt the PC attempting
the mount for a UID and password.  Authentication failures when mounting
filesystems in PCs are frequently caused by the UID being being out of the 
range allowed by the pcnfsd daemon. 

from PMR 4E762, Branch B246:

pcnfsd version 2 protocol on AIX has a default uidrange 101-60002 that are
allowed access.  To change this range, create the file /etc/pcnfsd.conf,
and add one line to it:

uidrange 0-60002

which will stop the authentication errors when a uid less than 101 tries
to NFS mount an AIX exported filesystem in a PC.

The range values can be adjusted to your needs to allow certain
users (i.e., one or more uids separated by white space or one or more
ranges separated by white space) access.

Note, pcnfsd must be restarted in order to find and read the pcnfsd.conf
file. If it is used as a subserver to inetd (default), then the next
request for pcnfsd services will evoke a new instance; still, its best
to just kill any pcnfsd processes running and do "refresh -s inetd" to

Support Line: authentication failure when mounting NFS filesystems in PCs ITEM: L9068L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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