ITEM: M0164L

Can't make sysback boot tapes since upgrade to 3.2.5

    AIX 3.2.5 - 3.2.4  (In the middle of upgrade not done yet)
     TAPE 8mm 2.3gb

     Customer runs this command from the command line:
      sysback -f /dev/rmt0
         It creates the boot image, but fails on the install image
          with this error message.
          cannot place the boot image on tape. error \# 11.     

  This customer is running a back level of sysback ver 2.
  At 3.2.5 the change team changed the backup command to return
  a error if a file is missing from a file list piped to the command 
  from stdin.

  cat filelist | backup -ivqf /dev/rmt0

  And a file in the filelist is missing backup command 
  will return back a error number 32.

  In the older version of sysback 2.2.1 the install images are created
  differently which will cause certain device driver files to be 
  included that no longer existed at 3.2.5 or have changed names.
  This has been fixed at ver of sysback.  The fix at
  is to use mksysb method to create the mkinsttape image.

  Send out the most current version of sysback

Support Line: Can't make sysback boot tapes since upgrade to 3.2.5 ITEM: M0164L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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