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Having NFS problems

rpcinfo -u \ mount                   
Gives an error:   rpc error :  rpc program not registered

rpcinfo -u \
 shows program 150001 version 1 ready and waiting

Why am I not able to mount the filesystem?

  o Verify pcnfsd is configured /etc/inetd.conf correctly:
       pcnfsd   sunrpc_udp  udp  wait root  /etc/rpc.pcnfsd  pcnfsd 150001 1
  o Run inetimp after configuring /etc/inetd.conf:
       inetimp; refresh -s inetd
  o Either use smit to configure NFS or verify all proper daemons are
    uncommented in /etc/rc.nfs:
        smitty  nfs, Network File System, Configure NFS
  o Verify local loopback is configured: 
       run netstat -in; look for two lo0 entries
  o Verify the route statement:
       netstat -rn (route tree for protocol 2)
  o Verify name resolution:
       ping ip-address, ping host (on client and server)
  o Verify rpcinfo registration
       rpcinfo -p server_name
       rpcinfo -u server_name 150001
  o Configure the /etc/pcnfsd.conf file
       uidrange 1-600001 

Everything works successfully now. 

Support Line: Having NFS problems ITEM: G5985L
Dated: April 1994 Category: N/A
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