Cannot get a F50 to boot from a sysback boot image


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC F50

  Customer was trying to do a sysback network boot and
  it was failing with this error message:

  20EE000C on the display.
  LED F05

  Also the message:
  Prep-Boot:  Could not open DEBLOCKER

Action Taken:
  The customer needed to create their boot image
  this way:

  mksbnetboot -BT chrp -k mp -d tok
    Building a boot image for a chrp platform image instead
    of rspc
Creating the boot image:       
  mksbnetboot -BT chrp -k mp -d tok
    B -- Create boot image  
    T -- Platform Type                  
    k -- Kernal Type                      
    d -- Device Type    
Tie Client to boot image and update /etc/bootptab and /tftpboot 
   mksbnetboot -h Hostname ›-S serverIP››-s SubnetMask›
              ›-g GatewayAddress› ›-a HW Address››-T PlatformType›
              ›-k kernel› -d Device

   mksbnetboot -h mpppcinst1 -S -g 
               -T chrp -k mp -d tok 

This allowed the customer boot to service mode.
This issue is only seen so far on the F50 model which
requires  AIX 4.2.1

I have NOT seen this problem on the 43p-240 which boots just
fine from a rspc 4.2.1 boot image from both tape and network
boot image.

Support Line: Cannot get a F50 to boot from a sysback boot image ITEM: DC0433L
Dated: July 1997 Category: N/A
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