'verifysna' command returns "Symbol ... undefined" error

        AIX V3.2.5 or AIX V4.x and SNA Server/6000 

        'verifysna' command from the command line or from smit 
        returns symbol errors, like examples below:

Symbol throwIt__22IOutOfCollectionMemoryFUiPCcU1 in ksh is undefined
Symbol throwIt__23ICursorInvalidExceptionFUiPCcU1 in ksh is undefined

        This causes the 'verifysna' command to fail, thus AIXSNA profiles
        will not verify and the committed database will not be updated.

        Make sure that the user your logged in as does not have the 
        'LIBPATH' variable set or that /usr/lib is first in the
         defined path.  Default for LIBPATH is /usr/lib.

   To verify environment variable:   \# echo $LIBPATH

   To change to default:   \# export LIBPATH=""

   Then execute verifysna and reset LIBPATH if required.
   \# echo $LIBPATH >/tmp/savelibpath
   \# export LIBPATH=""
   \# verifysna -R
   \# export LIBPATH=$(cat /tmp/savelibpath)

Support Line: 'verifysna' command returns "Symbol ... undefined" error ITEM: BJ9134L
Dated: June 1996 Category: N/A
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