Unable to select paper tray on MX HP 5SI printer



After installing AIX 4.2, we tried to use the HP 5SI specific printer driver
to insure that our postscript queue did not go to the paper tray
with A4 paper.  We noticed that our printer has 4 input trays, and the smit
dialogue only includes 3.  Is there a more current driver?


act: Customers are conferenced. The print jobs they send from
     their post script queue are not selecting the correct paper tray.
     Listed below are the outputs given when the same job is sent to 
     all of the trays in succession:

     Paper tray\#    Description                Output
     -----------    -----------                ------
          1         manual feed (8 1/2 X 11)   job prints, paper pulled
                                               from tray \#4

          2         A4 size paper              if tray \#2 selected,
                                               prints from \#2-- OK.

          3         Legal size paper           CRASH! HP5 gives error**
           4         High capacity tray         CRASH! HP5 gives error**

     ** error noted above by Lillian:
        "config error: offending command = paper tray"
     They were able to get a job which needed to pull paper from 
     tray \#4 by just leaving the SMIT tray selection blank, indicating
     the HP5 considers tray\#4 to be the default tray.

HP5Si PostScript Queues - AIX 4.2

Default Settings of HP5 for PostScript

I will show only the settings that effect the output

SMIT Settings

  ------------- Paper/Page Options --------------
  Input PAPER SOURCE                                  tray 2                  +
  PAPER SIZE override for input paper source          letter                  +
  DUPLEX output                                       simplex (single-sided)  +
  OUTPUT BIN destination                              printer top bin         +

Virtual Printer Attribute Settings

Name    Description                                          Value
_u      Input PAPER SOURCE                                   1
_Y      DUPLEX output                                        0
_q      Print QUALITY                                        300
_=      OUTPUT BIN destination                               0

Commands Sent to the Printer

Esc%-12345X@PJL SET RESOLUTION = 300
 statusdict begin false setduplexmode 0 setpapertray end
PostScript File

Input Paper Drawer Selections from smit

   multipurpose tray 1
   tray 2
   tray 3
                                \<---- Blank Line
   high capacity input tray
   optional envelope feeder

Effect of SMIT Changes

Effect of Selecting multipurpose tray 1

Only changes shown.

_u      Input PAPER SOURCE                                   6

Output to Printer:
 statusdict begin false setduplexmode 3 setpapertray end

Effect of Selecting Tray 3

_u      Input PAPER SOURCE                                   6
Output to Printer:
 statusdict begin false setduplexmode 1 setpapertray end

Effect of Selecting \ would give us:
:760:W9::R[multipurpose tray 1,tray 2,tray 3,high
capacity input tray,optional envelope feeder=6,1,2,7,3],1,851;   must also be removed because it is the
nls catalog that contains the wrong smit menus.
dspcat 1 851 gives:
multipurpose tray 1,tray 2,tray 3,,highh capacity input tray,optional
envelope feeder

After making this change with vi, the PostScript queue will have to be
removed and readded to make the smit changes take effect. The resulting 
smit selections should now give:

   * 6: multipurpose tray 1
   * 1: Tray 2 default
   * 2: Tray 3
   * 7: high capacity input tray
   * 3: optional envelope feeder

The results to the printer would then be

   * _u=6 -> 3 setpapertray end
   * _u=1 -> 0 setpapertray end
   * _u=2 -> 1 setpapertray end
   * _u=7 -> 4 setpapertray end
   * _u=3 -> 2 setpapertray end

HP 5SI PostScript Bin Selection Commands

The hp ftp site is not reachable at this time.
Files related to postscript fonts are:

   *, which is titled
     "HP LaserJet 5Si and 5Si MX Printers - PostScript (TM): Commands to
     Select Paper by"
   * ../bp102966.asc titled
     "HP LaserJet 5Si and 5Si MX Printers - PostScript (TM) Level 2 Code to
     Paper Size and Source"

I made a new PostScript queue called newtray.
smitty chvirprt
Selected newtray:
2 Default Print Job Attributes
Put curson on: Input PAPER SOURCE and hit F4:

The new popup menu shows:
  x                            Input PAPER SOURCE     
Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.         
  x   multipurpose tray 1                             
  x   tray 2                                           
  x   tray 3                                             
  x   high capacity input tray                         
  x   optional envelope feeder                       
  x F1=Help                 F2=Refresh         
F1x F8=Image                F10=Exit           
F5x /=Find                  n=Find Next               

The blank line is now gone.
Selected high capacity input tray 
lsvirprt -q newtray -d lpx -a u
Name    Description                             Value
_u      Input PAPER SOURCE                        7
Since I printed to a file instead of a printer, I
can now look at the command which is :
4 setpapertray end

This is now the same results as earlier with the
blank line and will print to the high capacity


Called customer.  Talked changes over the
cd /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef
search for 760
Removed pioattr1,1,851:
new line
:760:W9::R[multipurpose tray 1...
Saved file
removed old postscript queue
added a new queue.
smitty chpq - check new queue
Popup menu:
blank line is missing and printing from the High Capacity Tray.

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