Error configuring pmd daemon - problem receiving traps

Netview v4/unable to configure the PMD daemon


ENV:    AIX 4.1.x, NV 4.1 with U438904

When try to configure pmd daemon gets about 8 similar errors
        /usr/OV/bin/filterlrf[740]: u: 0403-009 The specified 
                        number is not va

This worked on version 2 and 3, but not on 4.

It turns out that U438904 causes a problem with the configuration of 
the pmd daemon.  This is a known problem and has been fixed.  APAR 
IX54136 this will be resolved on U440147 when it comes out.

Until then heres the workaround:

ERROR DESCRIPTION:                                                             
 INTERNAL DEFECT  24346                                                         
 After appling PTF U438904 to NetView for AIX V4r1 Server, doing                
 smit nv6000 -> Configure -> Set options for daemons ->                         
    Set options for event and trap processing daemons ->                        
     Set options for pmd daemon                                                 
 Causes the following error messages to appear:                                 
    1800-106 An error occurred:                                                 
    /usr/OV/bin/filterlrf 740 : u: 0403-009 The specified number                
         is not valid for this command.                                         

  (This is repeated 8 times.                                                   
        740, 754, 770, 784  for the u and t options)                            
 The error is caused by a scripting error in the script file                    
 /usr/OV/bin/filterlrf ..                                                       
 See LOCAL FIX: below for workaround.                                           

 LOCAL FIX:                                                                     
 The correct the above error perform the following:                             
 1. cd /usr/OV/bin                                                              
 2. cp filterlrf filterlrf.BAD                                                  
 3. vi filterlrf                                                                
     type :set nu                                                               
     go to line 740 to start                                                    
  739          -A)                                                              
  740                  if   $2 -eq "u"    | =left square backet                 
                                          | =right square backet                
     replace the    -eq    with a   =  sign (single equal sign)                 
     740                  if   $2 = "u"                                         
 Repeat the same process for lines                                              
   replacing the  -eq  with a  =  sign (a single equal sign)                    
 Save the file. 
 PROBLEM SUMMARY:                                                               
 The pmd fuction fails in the filterlrf file.                                   
 PROBLEM CONCLUSION:                                                            
 The eq is used to evaluate instead of the =.                                   
 TEMPORARY FIX:                                                                 
 PTF U440147 V4                                                                 

Support Line: Error configuring pmd daemon - problem receiving traps ITEM: BD4653L
Dated: January 1996 Category: N/A
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