Can't restore files from a fullsystem backup in smit

  AIX 4.1.4
  Tape 8mm 2.3gb
  RISC 520

  Customer is unable to restore files from a fullsystem backup in smit

   Creates a backup using a block size of 1024.  When the customer tries
   to restore the block size is set at 512.  The customer gets this

   DEVICE or FILE Name                            [/dev/rmt0]
   HOSTNAME of Server
   Report Output TYPE                             file list
   Volume Group NAME to restore files for         rootvg
   Device NAME for remote volume prompt           []
   DESTINATION Directory (if different)           [/tmp]
   Does the file list contain DIRECTORY names?    yes
   FILES or DIRECTORIES to restore                [/etc]

 COMMAND: sysrestore -N -f/dev/rmt0 -vrootvg -D/tmp -d /etc

 Error message:

 Checking table of contents ..

             *     /dev/rmt0.1 does not contain a valid volume    *
             *                       header.                      *

Unable to read the volume header on device /dev/rmt0.1.
sysrestore: Unable to read volume header on device /dev/rmt0.1

So it appears the fix added to for giving the error message
about having the wrong block size set in smit has been broken at
3.3.2. or not added.

Next Action:
  Open a defect against sysback

    restore from the command line, or set the block size of
    the tape to the correct block size and rerun the command.


11  3/27/96   3  Fix was not applied to 3.3 release. Added new
                 fix. The following is the description from the 3.2
                 fix history file:
                  List/Verify/Restore System Backup through SMIT
                 fails with the following message if tape drive
                 is not set to block size of original backup:
                  "Unable to read the volume header on device /dev/rmt0."
                 Since sysrestore is executed multiple times through
                 SMIT, there is no way to set the block size only once
                 to prevent rewinding the tape multiple times. If the
                 block size is not correct before attempting restore, an
                 error message is displayed, and user is required to set
                 the block size to the correct value and try again. This
                 is not required when running sysrestore command from the
                 command line.

Next Action:
  Fix in sysback

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