Problem printing Bit-mapped PCL with PSM on 4317.

43P @ 4.2.1

 Customer is getting garbled output when printing through psm to a
 4317 Network printer.  

 The customer is printing from a Win-OS/2 PSM client from Lotus 1-2-3,
 Freelance, and Word Pro.  The pcl jobs print fine from these printers
 using the NP17 drivers.  But when sending through PSM the job prints
 partial pages and out of line, and general formating problems.

 The problem here is that these applications are producing "Bit-mapped" PCL.

 To correct this problem we do:

1) smitty mkpq
    ibmNetPrinter        IBM Network Printer
       ibm4317      IBM Network Printer 17
         2 Do NOT make this system a BOOTP/TFTP server (in this case)

                               Add a Print Queue

Type or select values in entry fields.
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.
                                                        [Entry Fields]        
  Description                                         IBM Network Printer 17  
  Names of NEW print queues to add
     PCL 5E Emulation                                [testpcl]
     PostScript                                      []
   Printer connection characteristics
*    HOSTNAME of the Network Printer Card            [host_name_of_printer]

"Do" this.

2) lsvirprt
   Select the pcl queue and change the following options:

   This needs only be done to the pcl queue.  No modifications need to be 
   done to the postscript queue.

3) Now use these colon file to create a predef file:

   piopredef -q testpcl -d ibm@9 -t ibm4317newpcl -s pcl
 NOTE: The -q and -d parameters will be different depending on the name and
       addresses you use.

  This will create a "predef" file with the name used by the -t parameter.

4) Create new virtual printer using the new model type (predef files)

   smitty mkpq
    ibmNetPrinter        IBM Network Printer
      ibm4317newpcl      IBM Network Printer 17

   type in the name of the your new pcl.  In this case we used newpcl.
 5) Once the "new" pcl queue is made you need to migrate this queue to PSM:

   pdmigpp \ \ \ \

6) Submit the "bit-mapped" PCL file and presto, the job prints fine.

Support Line: Problem printing Bit-mapped PCL with PSM on 4317. ITEM: DV1257L
Dated: November 1997 Category: N/A
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